3 Shifts for Leading Self, Team, Business and Clients

How to lead yourself, your team, the business and clients through this.

The world’s been turned on its head, and business as we’ve known it up until now has changed forever.

So has leadership.

You see, as a leader there are 4 challenges you face:

1. There is a great climate of fear and the unknown

2. The old ways of leading may not be sufficient in the new era

3. What worked before may not work now for managing people remotely & in the physically distanced environments we’re working in

4. Your leadership skills are being tested like never before and are super crucial right now

Let’s discuss the 3 shifts to make, and how to lead yourself, the team and the business and clients through this…

This is a longer than normal training session – 40 minutes with lots of practical ideas for implementation.

How are you and the team currently?

What’s the status: Stuck, Struggling, Stabilising or Soaring?

I explain this in detail on the video and ways to shift…

Let me know and if you’d like a copy of the Maximiser Plan notes from this session, comment below with WORKSHEET.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



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