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A couple of words and important points to remember.

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To make the most out of out time together:

  • Add our appointment into your diary and make sure you have blocked out the time so we can work on your plan together. Allow 45 mins.
  • Do a brain dump. What are the key challenges you'd like to overcome with team and work on most?
  • If you can actually make progress with 1 of those challenges, pre-us getting together, please do and report back in. Love to hear what action you've taken, whether a conversation, meeting held, email sent etc!
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  • Watch these videos below and find out more about leading team high performing teams and overcoming challenges.
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Here are a few techniques and strategies for leading self and team:

Thank you so much for wanting to find out how to create and lead a high performing team and extraordinary business without sacrificing life's other all important priorities.

For many generally, they've more than likely risen through the ranks by being great at sales, operations, customer service or marketing... you know good at the hands-on / technical, "doing" stuff.

Then... inevitably they've either ended up in senior or executive leadership roles or perhaps even taken the plunge and are now running their own business and leading a team.

Here's the thing - it's probably going ok, yet...sometimes it's lonely place.

Dealing with people can be tricky.

Sometimes (more frequently than we'd like) confidence waivers and doubt can take over.

You know you could be better at leadership, however there never seems to be enough hours in the day to work on everything!

And what invariably always takes a hit - YOU!

Yes, your body, your health (physical, mental and emotionally... possibly spiritually and likely financially too....!!)

And, you've probably wondered, are curious, what if...?

What could possibly happen if you did focus on being better at leadership?

What's it going to take to create a high performing team that are working away so you can get on with leading, being more strategic, you know what they say, able to work ON the business and not always IN it - rather than getting bogged down in the day to day.

Dare I say, still delivering the services / doing your do - which I might add - you are great at!

If you're getting caught up in the day to day and not taking or making time to work on your business leadership capabilities, you may likely no be surrounded by the ideal time.

What happens next commonly is.... the downhill slide 🙁

  • Struggling to sleep well or already burnt out
  • Constantly chasing your tail and spinning in circles
  • Missing out on family time or the fun friend activities
  • Wishing your exercise schedule didn't feel like just another chore
  • Praying for another 10 hours in every day to get things done
  • Ending up yelling more than you'd like to get things done.
  • Or being the nag... or worse still, letting yourself get walked over, because you're light on the setting the boundaries, you know need to be put in place.
  • Fighting the constant battle in your head of "Have I really got this?"

Instead, let's focus on helping you live a life filled with passion, profitablity (you realise you are worth the ROI) and to live up to your full potential.

Whilst helping those around you, whether they're team members or even most likely your customers and clients live to their full potential, being healthy, well, fast, educated. No matter what your product or service, it will be ultimately about helping them... isn't it!

Would you like to be able to:

  • Motivate and inspire a high performing team
  • Surround yourself with awesome people (on the same page)
  • Get all areas of the business functioning well and profitably
  • Discover where the leadership gaps lie and what opportunities are possible?
  • Invest time and energy back into focusing on your health, family and fun again

And if you haven't already got it, download our 4 Steps for Better Business Leadership E-book here now.