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3 Reasons for Business Leadership Struggles

There are 3 reasons many leaders struggle with engagement, accountability and driving results in business – and 3 steps to getting leadership fit in the next 8 weeks to take the team on the journey. The challenges aren’t going away, the pace is probably unlikely to slow down either and we can only dream of…

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Honing Your Coaching Skillset

Getting ready today to deliver a favourite Leadership Capability Development topic:Coaching & Mentoring. We’re going to be exploring the actual skillset of how to coach and/ or mentor. How to know what’s needed when and where, the questions to ask, how to dig deeper, or get someone ‘out of the weeds’. There is a lot…

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How to handle the internal conflict when part of you wants to and part of you doesn’t

Here’s a little magic to help you handle the internal conflict when part of you wants to do something and part of you doesn’t. Let’s take having a difficult conversation with someone that you’ve been putting off talking to. You know it matters for the individual, for the team, the business… and yet you’ve been…

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