Empowering Women in Leadership

1/2 Day Workshop for Clarity and Confidence in 2017!

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Discover how to make 2017 your year to be brave and bold:

  • Learn how to better deal with the day to day challenges
  • Become more adept at handling the confronting and difficult conversations
  • Know how get your big girl pants on and be brave
  • Master the art of planning and be ready to implement
  • Brainstorm ways to improve the results you're experiencing across all areas of life
  • Reconnect with your true path and purpose for a fulfilling and satisfying year ahead

Join other like-minded women who value the importance of leadership for an empowering life intensive filled with practical and effective strategies.

We'll dive deep into unlocking the leadership code, so you can discover a new awareness and understanding of others that will evolve your level of influence and success in life, career and business.

During this insightful 1/2-Day interactive workshop we'll lift the lid on modern leadership and how you can apply it for more success, results and happiness in your daily life.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How People Tick

    Including how to recognise your ‘default’ behaviour under pressure that slows you down and diminishes your effectiveness and productivity as a leader

  • How to Maximise

    Your performance and desired outcomes in 2017 with planning and designing skills to get the most out of your year and make the ideas and dreams a reality.

  • How to Fly

    Instead of struggling with the low self esteem, overwhelm and self doubt that plague you in the quietest of moments and when the going gets tough.

  • Who to Be

    When you have to handle the difficult situations and have those challenging conversations that come up regularly

  • The 3 Fears

    That play out for every leader on a daily basis and how to avoid the pitfalls and procrastination that comes with it.

  • Thrive or Survive

    Discover specific steps to stay clear, focused and on track whilst juggling the many hats worn and roles performed by women in leadership.

Empowering Women in Leadership Intensive

Saturday 25th March 2017
Held in the Oceanview Room, Long Reef Golf Club
Register 8am for 8.30 start and 1pm finish


  • A half day interactive workshop experience
  • Light Refreshments
  • The Art of Extraordinary Leadership Manual
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NB. Last Minute ticket pricing applies after 11 pm on 17th March.
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Wow, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Gained so much confidence. Spoke up so much. Such an interesting, insightful and motivating workshop. Left feeling ready to get started on really growing my business and taking it to the next level. Learnt so much about myself, people and behaviours. Truly fascinating and it helps me enormously understand how to interact, encourage and communicate better.

Sue Kinner Physiotherapist

I’d been losing direction, unsure of how to achieve the things I wanted. Had a rough map of where to take the business in my head. Now it's on paper, seems very achievable with a goal orientated plan. Can now also recognize the attributes that I'm bringing to the business and understand what is important to me, so am not in conflict with myself. As well as great planning and strategies, how to deal with the challenges, who to connect with, what makes me unique, what to do moving forward, what results are possible, it is all very clear now.

Marika Martinez Women's Own Adventures

The insights received at this workshop have been and will be very valuable for both my professional and personal life. The practical strategies and secrets to success for thinking are so powerful and useful on a daily basis. Being a mum and wearing many hats, I now know where to focus my energy and what’s really important.

Nicole Rando Project Management

What to expect when you attend:

  • Results - focused learning environment to ensure you can make the tweaks, improvements and changes you desire to have an outstanding 2017.
  • Hands-on fun experience, not for the fainted hearted, ideal for those that are curious about excelling, discovering and developing untapped potential and the extraordinary within.
  • Tools and techniques to transform the way you lead and how you are experiencing life both personally and professionally.

Introducing Your Mentor
Genevieve Matthews
Mentor and Facilitator
The Art of Extraordinary


With a career spanning over 25+ years across all areas of business management. Genevieve has been mentoring and coaching business owners, leaders and teams around the country over the last eight years across a very diverse range of industries.

An experienced 1-1 coach as well as passionate speaker, trainer and facilitator, Genevieve is an NLP Trainer and Values Pendulum™ Business consultant, who provides enormous insight into what makes us tick, how to improve who we are being, what we are doing and our results quickly and effectively.

Her business acumen, experience and expertise covers all areas of business with a particular flair for sales and marketing, customer service and creating culture through clear purpose and values. One of Genevieve’s key strengths is her ability to assist people deal with the day to day challenges that business owners and leaders face offering practical and useful strategies to help them be more confident and successful. With lots of personality, real life experiences to share and a flair for being creative, Genevieve provides a fun learning environment and engages audiences to drive results and immediate transformation.

Who is this event for:

  • Business Owners wanting to grow and accelerate their business in 2017
  • Executives and Leaders ready to improve their level of influence and engagement to improve culture and create high performing teams
  • Emerging and Aspiring Leaders striving to step into leadership roles and improve their current leadership

" Inside each of us lies infinite potential. It's in being and doing better at the ordinary that we can actually feel and experience the extraordinary."

Genevieve Matthews