Excelerator Membership Application

Hi there, 

Firstly this will not be a sell job on you applying for The Excelerator Community & Program, because it is not for everyone.

Let’s take a look together at who it IS for and who it IS NOT for…

The Excelerator IS for:

  • People who are actively building and growing their business. Size doesn’t matter, it may be a team of 1 currently or a team of 5 or 10.
  • People who are in service based industries with supporting products potentially, however primarily focused on delivering services to their marketplace.
  • People who are great at doing their do, yet struggle or lack skill and haven’t had much training around the vital elements of business leadership.
  • People who is ABSOLUTELY ready and prepared to take healthy feedback, learn and grow.
  • People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace and industry as much as they value making money.
  • People who are willing to work to make their business grow. There is no overnight pill or fairy godmother coming to do this for them. It will take time and effort.
  • People who are curious about the potential of themselves and those around them, as we embrace harnessing team, systems and deliver outcomes.
  • People who are driven and high achievers, even if currently, the wheels may have been spinning somewhat and it’s now time to change gears.

The Excelerator IS NOT for:

  • People in it for just the money and don’t care about the results their clients get.
  • People who are just getting started, and haven’t sold their services yet, ideally, have some kilometres on the clock.
  • People who blame others or come up with 100 other reasons why things haven’t and aren’t working in their business. This is taking ownership, stepping up and taking 100% responsibility for the results achieved.

And now for some more brutal honesty...

This is an investment.

Plus, you’ll be required to implement. This is not about information gathering or adding more learning to your kit bag. We ask you to implement, take action and share your results. (Insert here: “You gotta work at this”)

What else?

Hmmm… oh yes, you will be invited to share with the community, what’s working in your business as they will share with you, so that the learnings, stretches and improvements can be shared around.

So how's it work?

You will need to enter your REAL email address below.

Then you will be taken to an application where I ask you some invasive questions about your business leadership skills. Ok – they’re not that invasive, however want to be sure we weed out the time wasters.

Honestly life is too short and we have lots to focus on.

So then what will happen?

The application will come to my office and one of two things will happen. One, I’ll decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know politely. Or two, I’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and my office will schedule a call to see if we really are.

No pressure or hassle.

If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We’re cool either way.


We're looking for high-caliber people to join The Excelerator Community and Program.
We review the applications on a first come, first-serve basis.

Ok, here's the first step