Your time to shine.
Join our 6-week Public Speaking Course for Confidence, Content & Performance Excellence!

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Valued.

Does the thought of public speaking give you cold shivers?

Had enough of the butterflies, sweaty palms, getting tongue-tied or being frozen with fear when standing up to speak in front of an audience?

Are your public speaking skills holding you back from growing a successful business?

Are you saying no to opportunities because you're not game enough to take the stage (even if it's small or the board room at work?)

Lacking the confidence to promote yourself and your business at networking functions or through social media channels?

Have you been curious about running your own events, webinars or to do video content or Facebook Lives to showcase your product and services?

Discover what's possible!

Let's start working on your courage and confidence to be better at presenting and speaking in front of a camera or an audience.

We'll help you uncover your voice, develop your character and focus on purpose so you, your professional expertise and business services can be highly valued and sought after in today's competitive market place.

You may even unlock a greater commitment and passion for what you can achieve by inspiring and educating your clients, customers and community.

Here's what could happen, when you participate!

  • Become more confident to accept all kinds of rockstar speaking gigs to grow your brand and showcase your expertise and experience
  • Improve your communication style both verbal and non-verbal
  • Deeply connect and engage with your audience every time you speak
  • Become more articulate and succinct with your marketing message and presentation topics
  • Develop your personal character and build an authentic brand that will resonate deeply with your target audience
  • Discover the foolproof methodology to structure your content
  • Learn presentation techniques used by the best in the world
  • Get up and share your voice; whether managing meetings, at networking engagements, speaking at functions or running your own events
  • Learn how to CONVERT. It's all about conversion. Finding the match (more on that when we chat)

Join other like-minded professionals who are facing up to their fears of public speaking, and get the tools and training to become a confident, charismatic and results-focused presenter.

We'll dive deep into the techniques and skills and give you lots of 'practice' in a nurturing environment to help your learn, shine and grow. This 6-week intensive training program will transform your speaking abilities.

The results will have you putting your hand up in meetings, taking presenting opportunities, lining up speaking engagements, pitching differently, booking your own events and ultimately growing your business.

Showcase your talents, skills, your business and it's offerings. It's your time to shine.

Get Up and Talk
discover how to:

  • Embrace the Nerves

    Put your worries and nerves to rest. They’re natural for every presenter. Discover the key tools and techniques to overcoming anxiety that work every time.

  • Vary your Presentation

    Adapt your content and presentation style to suit a 30-second elevator pitch, a 10-minute presentation, running a board meeting or a 2-hour workshop.

  • Structure Your Content

    Learn the proven methodology for presentation success that will enable to you make an impromptu speech or remember hours of content.

  • Become the Storyteller

    Engage your audience with entertaining real-life storytelling. You have so many stories within you to inspire and educate others.

  • Create Your Character

    Showcase your brand and authentic personality through character development to have the audience eating out of your hands and sitting on the edge of their seats enthralled.

  • Manage Event Logistics

    Whether you’re invited into a room or hosting your own event, attention to detail is key to running effective and successful events.

  • Define Objectives

    Set your short and long-term goals and objectives for utilising your speaking skills. Create the plan and strategies to secure speaking engagements and events.

  • Share Your Message

    Get very clear on your message rather than getting bogged down teaching an audience the content. This will help you be a more memorable, passionate and effective speaker.

The Inclusions and Course Details:

  • Starter session with Goal Setting, Setting Outcomes and Introductions
  • Weekly Face to Face Group Presentation Training
  • 1 x Personalised 1-1 Session with your Facilitator to fine-tune & tweak your topic & presentation
  • Finale Showcase Public Speaking Event
  • Feedback Reports and Stretches for Growth
  • Facebook Closed Group for discussion, sharing and video/live feed reviews
  • The "Get Up and Talk" Manual and Handouts
  • The Art of Extraordinary Coaching Cards
  • Max Group Numbers are 12
  • Investment of A$1795 per person

Next Course Dates:

Online Course
Tuesday 3rd April - until Tuesday 5th June 2018

What to expect when you attend:

  • Results - focused learning environment to ensure you can make the tweaks, improvements and changes your public speaking skills and ability
  • Hands-on fun experience, not for the fainted hearted (as we will help you grow), ideal for those that are truly curious about using their voice and becoming better at sharing their message.
  • Tools and techniques to transform the way currently engage, inspire and present to an audience whether 2 people or 200.

Introducing Your Mentor
Genevieve Matthews



With a career spanning over 25+ years across all areas of business management. Genevieve has been mentoring and coaching business owners, leaders and teams around the country over the last eight years across a very diverse range of industries.

She started her public speaking career as a nervous teen, then became cruise director on board Bounty the Tallship, speaking to 70+ people several times a day. She's passionately trained thousands whilst promoting Queensland and tourism products around the world. Genevieve's enthusiasm for personal and professional development now has her speaking regularly at her own events and invited to speak at large industry functions and conferences such as the Executive Assistant Network and Australian Federation Travel Agents Educators Symposium and Women in Tourism Leadership Lunch.

An NLP Trainer and experienced facilitator, Genevieve provides incredible insight in the importance and subtle nuances of language, tone and body language as well as being a gifted storyteller that will keep you hanging on every word.

Her business acumen and expertise covers all areas of business with a particular flair for sales and marketing, customer service, high performance cultures and brand creation.  With lots of personality and real life experiences to share, Genevieve provides a fun learning environment and engages audiences to drive results and immediate transformation.

A few of the partners and clients Genevieve has worked with:

Who is this course is for:

  • Business Owners wanting to grow and accelerate their business in 2017/18
  • Executives and Leaders ready to improve their level of influence, sales conversations and engagement to improve culture and create high performing teams
  • Emerging and Aspiring Leaders striving to step into leadership roles and improve their current leadership capabilities.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou