The Art of Extraordinary Intensive

Creating High Performing Teams

Hi there!

Imagine having less people worries and dramas to deal with in the office?

Picture your team all working together, efficiently and effectively.

And you're able to manage it better, influencing and inspiring your team!

Would it impact the business significantly if you had a high-performing team:
- all on the same page
- headed in the same direction
- working for the common cause?

It would, wouldn't it!

Rather than being one of the greatest challenges as a business leader, what if managing people could become one of the biggest opportunities for you, the team and business?

And instead of struggling with never enough hours in the day and people dramas sucking your time and energy, you could feel inspired, driven and supported by a high-performing team.

As the leader, all too often, it's easy to end up being all things to everyone, solving all the problems and being drained, depleted and unfulfilled, because your projects and tasks remain unfinished. You're taking work home or logging back on late at night or always staring at a never-ending to do list, day after day, week after week.

Let's be honest, your health is suffering, friends and family are being somewhat neglected and life's really not as much fun as you want it to be.

Not to mention, the reality of meeting deadlines, delivering results, customer, possibly board and shareholder expectations and profitability are also a never ending constant on your mind and keeping you awake at night.

If it's your time to create, build and develop an incredible team around you, then join our like-minded group of women in leadership and discover how to create a truly high-performing team.

Some of the common challenges you may be currently experiencing:

  • Struggling with limited resources or hours in the day to get everything done?
  • Some team members are so focused on doing things their way and not following existing processes and procedures?
  • Are the current procedures and processes actually way out of date, take too long or are systems non-existant and that's hampering people's performance and productivity?
  • Got some mismatches on your team? Unproductive people, because the original hire was not ideal?
  • Are you terrified of hiring, because you want to avoid the 'team issues', prefer to keep it small or think it's easier to stay with who is already on the team rather than 'exit and rehire'?
  • You know it's your own mindset keeping the brakes on and causing the problems?
  • Do you have people on the team that lack initiative and drive or the ability to even think for themselves a lot of the time?
  • Are you doing it all? Burning the midnight candle and everything else is suffering and out of kilter and it's not ideal for the long term?
  • You love and excel at your craft, yet certain aspects of business leadership – like the people stuff – is a lot tougher and lonelier than you expected?
  • Are you struggling to match up your expectations of "what" a leader should be like and how you currently feel in your role?

Imagine having a high performing team around you, that's kicking goals, all getting on like a house on fire, systems are streamlined and working like a treat! The business is thriving, happy customers and clients, it's profitable, you're all making a big difference and you 'actually' get to have a life as well...

You're invited to join us for our next Empowering Women in Leadership Event focused on creating, building and leading high-performance teams.

We'll show you how to:

The Art of Extraordinary Intensive

Creating High Performing Teams

When you are being the best version of yourself as leader, the ripple effect will spread.

Join a group of like-minded women in leadership. All passionate and dedicated to learning and growing their business leadership skills.

At this one day event you will connect, have fun, learn and uncover some of the gaps and opportunities for you and your team. Whether you own the business, are heading up a department, leading a team, part of a team, have recently taken on a different role or you're considering stepping into leadership roles in the future.

This hands-on and interactive experience will provide you with the core skills serving you professionally and personally to feel more confident, empowered and articulate as a woman in leadership.

You'll discover:

  • Where the gaps are for you and your team
  • How to hone in on each team member's motivators and drivers
  • Ways to improve communication so you'll be heard and understood
  • The pitfalls of leadership styles that don't work for profitable long term business results
  • Why confidence and clarity are key to your leadership success
  • Strategies for handling the challenging conversations and situations leaders face daily

We'll explore together:

  • The Behaviour Toolkit

    Arm yourself with tools to better understand your team, who they are, what drives them and how to get the best out of them each and every day.

  • Mindset and Culture

    How the thinking of individuals creates the culture. What tweaks and changes do you want to make to improve the culture of the business?

  • Developing Voice

    Use your voice, recognising the impact and opportunities from words, tone and physiology to speak with authority, credibility and warmth.

  • Leadership Styles

    What works and doesn’t for business success. We’ll look at short-term wins, long-term growth, team productivity and performance.

  • Harnessing Talents

    Surround yourself with talent and empower people to be the best version of themselves. Strategies to ensure you get the best possible people at the table.

  • Overcoming the Challenges

    Discover strategies for handling the uncomfortable conversations, the difficult situations and confrontations that come up daily in most team environments.

Empowering Women in Leadership

The Art of Extraordinary Intensive
Creating High Performing Teams


  • A Full Day Interactive & Creative Workshop Experience
  • Morning Tea, Light Lunch & Afternoon Refreshments
  • The Art of Extraordinary™ Leadership Manual with tools and templates
  • The Art of Extraordinary™ Coaching Cards for individual & team facilitation

Please note for Tickets:
All event registrations and payment are taken through Eventbrite. You will be re-directed. We do offer Early Bird @ A$149/ Standard Pricing @ A$199 and Last Minute tickets @ A$249.

Our Next Event

9am - 5pm
Manly Golf Club
Balgowlah NSW 2093

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  • Such a frank / honest discussion and experience with likeminded women all going through such similar challenges. Love that we can all learn from each other.
    Carly Clark Grillex Marketing Manager
  • As relatively new to leading a team, this day was invaluable to my personal and professional development. Recently in developing and implement a new system company wide, I had to stand up and hold group training sessions. I had been utterly terrified at the thought of it, however with the learnings from this workshop, I managed to hold 9 sessions without a single lip quiver or moment of choking up. This was a huge milestone.
    Sarah Hellmuth Greensill Financial Controller
  • Great insight into how to better present myself as a leader within my company. Very helpful information particularly helping my co-workers achieve their goals.
    Chloe Stirling Partner at Digits Admin
  • Clarity for the team is so important for business growth, so taking the time during this workshop to refocus and reflect upon existing growth and plan for the future was vital.
    Emily Cleaver Centre Manager
  • These workshops are so integral to being a more effective leader. Being challenged to step out of your comfort zone more and acknowledge where you need to work on yourself so that you can build others up is crucial in this ever changing world.
    Jodie Brooks Gloria Jeans Area Manager
  • Was a really relevant and inspiring session. Could benefit any individual, manager or employer that interacts with people everyday!
    Louise Shegog Form 1 Finance Controller
  • It was very beneficial having other women leaders, to hear their challenges, how they overcome them and also having the blueprint to enable successful leadership.
    Anntenette O'Neil Form 1 Administration Manager

What to expect when you attend:

  • Results - focused learning environment to ensure you can make the tweaks, improvements and changes to create and be part of a high performing team.
  • Hands-on fun experience, not for the fainted hearted, ideal for those that are curious about excelling, discovering and developing more self awareness as well as learning about others.
  • Tools and techniques to transform the way you lead and how you are experiencing the day to day challenges and joys life in leadership provides.

Introducing Your Mentor
Genevieve Matthews
Mentor and Facilitator
The Art of Extraordinary

With a career spanning almost 30 years across all areas of business management. Genevieve has been mentoring and coaching business owners, leaders and teams around the country over the last eight years across a very diverse range of industries.

An experienced facilitator and passionate speaker, Genevieve is an NLP Trainer and Values Pendulum™ Business consultant, who provides enormous insight into what makes us tick, how to improve who we are being, what we are doing and our results quickly and effectively.

Her business acumen, experience and expertise covers all areas of business with a particular flair for sales and marketing, customer service and creating culture through clear purpose and values. One of Genevieve’s key strengths is her ability to assist people deal with the day to day challenges that business owners and leaders face, offering practical and useful strategies to help them be more confident and successful. With lots of personality, real life experiences to share and a flair for being creative, Genevieve provides a fun learning environment and engages audiences to drive results and immediate transformation.

Who is this event for:

  • Business Owners wanting to grow and accelerate their business & team performance in the near future.
  • Executives and Leaders ready to improve their level of influence and engagement to improve culture and create high performing teams
  • Emerging and Aspiring Leaders striving to step into leadership roles and improve their current leadership skills.