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Tourism Pro-Team Program


Create the Vision. Lead with Purpose. Perform at Peak.

The Journey begins here...

Are you overworked and exhausted from being all things to everyone in your tourism business?

Do you have an effective team in place to support you?

Are you great at delegating or do you find yourself constantly firefighting and rarely able to press pause on the day to day challenges to focus on the future and what strategically needs to happen for the business?

It's been a crazy whirlwind for the last few years and now it's critical to have a great team in place, a formulated plan of action and great vision to pursue.

The challenges are not over for the tourism industry around the globe. It's a matter of being ready, adaptable and flexible.

Here at the The Art of Extraordinary, we specialise in empowering tourism leaders to create and surround themselves with highly-effective professional tourism teams so they can build and lead thriving businesses without sacrificing life's other important priorities like heath, family, and even their freedom.

You've already made big things happen and have had a significant influence on the business, yet you know more is possible, particularly right now, don't you!

Whilst there are a lot of external factors impacting the business, you recognise that it's about what's going on internally.

It might be that you know you need to build the skillset of mid level leaders. Perhaps you already recognise a lack of accountability not with everyone, however some staff.

A shortage on resources remains an ever constant problem, likewise accommodation in regional areas, the priorityu must be on developing and growing existing staff. Perhaps even finding workarounds till the ideal talent arrives onsite.

Maybe the business has undergone significant growth, is there more to come?

Could change management strategies and a clear communication plan be your current priority?

Fortunately no two tourism businesses are the same.

Mostly because we're all unique as leaders. And we significantly influence how our businesses are.

What is similar though, is the mutual focus and dedication of great tourism leadership.

That's why we like working with like-minded.

We love working with passionate and committed tourism leaders who want to make their businesses better and see their product and industry segment, regionally, nationally and globally thrive.

With so much water under the bridge in the last few years, you might have felt like so much was out of your control. Whilst we cannot control the events and circumstances going on around us, we can absolutely choose how we react and respond.

Herein lies the greatest opportunity tourism businesses have right now.

The opportunity at your fingertips is to choose what happens next. As leader, for your staff and team/s, for the business and industry.

You're invited to join us, if and only if, you are committed to working on yourself, your team and prepared to learn and grow the business.

Two heads is better than one.

Many heads make magic together.

We focus on 3 key areas aspects of your leadership to drive engagement, improve accountability and productivity which which will ensure profitability.

Over the coming months, you'll implement the 9 key elements of The Art of Extraordinary™ Plan.

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The Art of Extraordinary™ Plan Unfolded

Here are the 9 areas we'll work on during the Tourism Pro-Team Program.

  • Direction & Outcomes

    We’ll help you get clear on where you are headed, what’s really important and essential. Let’s define the goals for you, the team and business.

  • Overcome Challenges

    Let’s take a look at problem solving to help you right now with immediate issues, hurdles and challenges to lighten the load and get you quick wins.

  • Innovation

    Ripe or rotting? A stagnant business is not flourishing. Uncover where you, the team and business will benefit from creativity and innovation.

  • Mindset and Culture

    Understand the ideal mindset and culture for you, your team and the business to grow and prosper. Unlock the blocks that are inhibiting high performance.

  • Harness Talent

    Surround yourself with talent and empower people to be the best version of themselves. Strategies to ensure you have the best possible people at the table and on the team.

  • Systems for Success

    Simple systems to streamline all areas of business, so that the entire team is onboard and everyone is working towards common goals, outcomes and on purpose.

  • Assess the Gaps

    Targeting the priorities and identifying key gaps and opportunities, we know where to help you focus, so that you can ensure you and the team to have a bigger and broader impact on clients and customers alike for business improvement and growth.

  • Develop Voice

    Boost your performance by being an articulate and influential communicator, whether internally with team, board, other directors or business partners or externally with suppliers, other tourism operators, RTO/STO/NTO partners and your customers.

  • The Toolkit

    Essential and advanced strategies and skills for empowering productivity and high performance. Whether slow or woe team, let’s build your pro-team. Go from ordinary to extraordinary. Unlock the infinite potential in human performance.

Working together 1-1 you’ll get NINE implementation areas to focus and hone in on. They're designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your business leadership capabilities and get you BUILDING and IMPLEMENTING with your team, as soon as you possibly can, with all the support we can give you along the way.

After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION.

Monthly Strategic Calls outline each of these 9 focus areas so you know where to target your energy, attention and time.

Monthly live Accountability Calls help you stay on track with your Tourism Leadership Coach - Genevieve Matthews.

All sessions are recorded and you have access to re-listen when convenient. We get you're in Tourism, so we respect your time during peak periods/school holidays.

Weekdays, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in The Art of Extraordinary Facebook group (if you're on FB / Social Fan).

PLUS, you’ll get your own personal pack of The Art of Extraordinary Coaching Cards to play and utilise with your own team during meetings and brainstorming sessions.


We want this to be a no-brainer for you, so here’s the deal:

Do the program, implement and take action, and if you don’t love it and it's not working for you and your team, just let me know at the end of 30 days and I’ll give you all your money back AND throw in $50 for date night at the movies on me …

ROI guaranteed.

Here's what others have experienced...

I feel better equipped to manage my stress at work. I am now more focused and better at setting priorities. I feel overall my skills as a leader have improved.
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I loved seeing the team participating, contributing, challenging each other, and working together on ideas. By agreeing together on outcomes, the team took ownership of their tasks.
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Transitioning into a new role within the business, I found the initial challenge was knowing where to begin in implementing a process for the team. I’ve now developed processes, implemented plans, and set goals, and knowledge about how to communicate with, and get the best out of my team.
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We have been able to move forward on handling complicated business structures, hire new team members and lighten the load, so I can focus on myself and my family, whilst maintaining an important leadership role within the business.
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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about starting the Tourism Pro-Team Program. We’re happy to answer any you have!

- What happens if I've only recently started the business or in my leadership role? +
  • Tourism Pro-Team is for established tourism businesses that have a team of minimum 7+ staff and emerging leaders in the business. Ideally the business owner participates in conjunction with key senior or executive leadership team members, as it's a known fact, change happens from the top down and we want you to have the best possible impact and most influence from participating in the program. Decision-making responsibility is key. We do have senior / executive leaders from tourism businesses participate independently with confirmed support from owners/CEO's and a reporting mechanism to ensure accountability and leadership outcomes are aligned with the business capability development needs.
- What happens if I don't own the business and I am working for someone else? +
  • Tourism Pro-Team focuses on business leadership capabilities. So even if you are not the business owner, we love working with senior or executive tourism leaders to improve their influence and impact with and across team/s. As long as you promise to get the buy-in and engagement of the business owner/CEO, so you can make the necessary improvements across and in your business area and other departments when and where appropriate. You do need to be in a decision-making and in a financially influential role within a business. The program is for those wanting to become extraordinary leaders, ready and willing to work on and develop their business leadership skills.
- What time/days are the Live Training Calls? +
  • The Live Accountability Calls are monthly on a Tuesday at 10am SYD, AUS time during NSW term time. We do our best to avoid School Holidays where and when possible for some states across Australia. You can get the updates and schedules and links to sessions inside The Art of Extraordinary Facebook Group (you get access when you join).
  • The Pro-Team Strategy Calls are monthly on a Tuesday at 10am SYD.
  • You can ask Genevieve questions during accountability and strategy calls and you’ll be able to get your answers right away.
  • If there will be any changes to scheduling, we’ll let you know ahead of time.
  • You can also refer to the Events page link in the private Facebook group. (usually pinned to the top for easy access)
  • If you cannot make the above session times, we record sessions for later viewing.
- Do we get to meet live & face to face for events? +

Yes, fingers crossed. We'll be meeting 3 x per year in Sydney, Australia. Dates are confirmed with the calender invites when you're onboarded into the program. We meet in March, August and November each year. There is so much value from pressing pause on your day to day commitments, coming together with our amazing tourism community, sharing, learning, problem-solving and collaborating.

Events may return online if there is mandatory requirements due to health regulations, however we will be endeavouring to continue to meet in person and run our business leadership intensives.

- How do I become a "Tourism Case Study"? +

We love to share and talk about the amazing tourism leaders and the product experiences we work together with. Firstly, because we KNOW the incredible impact it has on individuals, teams, business and community-wide. So it is a delight to share the wins, experiences, growth and contribution our tourism leaders make and also how amazing their tourism products and experiences are.

So to become a Tourism Case Study, it's quite simple...

You just need to go through the entire program, make sure you implement everything you have learnt in the program, and share your results with Genevieve. It’s going to be like a free promotion for you and the business when Genevieve talks about you and the team, your amazing business, online, in blogs, Facebook Lives, and in other places.

- What do I do if I have unanswered questions? +
  • If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Shoot a quick email to [email protected] with the words ‘QUESTION’ in the subject line and our support team will help out.
  • The good news is that you can ask business-related questions on the The Art of Extraordinary Facebook group (you get access when you join), and then Gen can answer your questions and the other members of the program can share their experiences with you.
- Will I get something shipped to me? +
  • Yes, you will receive The Art of Extraordinary Coaching Cards in the mail. We encourage you to use these coaching cards yourself regularly and with your team during team meetings and in 1-1 staff development sessions.
- How is Tourism Pro-Team different from other Leadership Courses? +
  • Tourism Pro-Team focuses on the 3 CORE AREAS of your business leadership: The way you CREATE your vision, how you LEAD with purpose and what you do to PERFORM at your peak. The program focuses on helping you bring out the best in yourself and the team, improving engagement, accountability from team and leaders and profitability for the business. Genevieve brings over 30+ years in the tourism industry and has worked with hundreds of different business leaders over the years. The key to making this program really work for you is to implementation. It may not be everything, it will be 3-5 key strategies or steps, ideas or concepts that really make a difference for the you, the team and business. The program also works on accountability. Ensuring you get out of the day to day, press pause and look up to focus on short/medium and longer term priorities that are key for team and business performance.
- I have already experienced The Art of Extraordinary Coaching Cards, Workshops or even coaching previously will there be new material in the Program? +
  • Thank you for playing The Art of Extraordinary™ Coaching Cards. In Tourism Pro-Team, everything you have experienced either at a past event, or whilst playing the cards, or if you’re already read the E-book or other resources, will be explained in detail with specific steps to implement. Even if we've worked together in the past, where you and the business at right now, is different to then. You will get more essentials and more visuals during the coaching calls, along with recorded sessions, how-to guides, templates, hot seat interviews, guest speaker experiences and so much more juicy goodness to help you thrive in your leadership role. If you've already had coaching with Genevieve in the past and you're back for more, then you know the value of having a coach on your team. Supporting you from the sidelines, holding you to account to achieve those much desired goals and to celebrate the wins, hiccups and highs that are a normal part of business. Genevieve and the team really looks forward to working with you.
- How long is the Tourism Pro-Team Program? +

The Tourism Pro-team runs for 12 months enabling and allowing you to implement, take action and see results. Change doesn't happen overnight! We encourage you to test and measure with your team, so that you'll see the marked difference from start to finish. We'll work with you on these tests and measures at the commencement of our coaching together and review on completion. We are all about seeing you kick goals and get the results. Given the challenges the tourism industry has faced in the last few years, there is no normal, there is a new now and we're committed to seeing you and the business thrive again or stabilise again, perhaps you've have different challenges going on depending on location, resources, product offering. So many variables, we're here to support you with all things well-being, people leadership and business recovery.

P.S We also have a Start & See (1 month arrangement) We want to make sure you're a match for us and we're a match for you. That's our 30 day money back guarantee. From there, it's a LOVE IT or leave us decision. That happens at the 4 month mark. We agree to part ways and shake hands. Some of our clients stay for years. We are always focused on implementation and results.

- How much does Tourism Pro-Team cost? +

How much is it costing you? Tourism leadership is crucial for business success. Our coaching style and methodologies aren't everyone's cup of tea, we like to be upfront and have a good chat about what's working well for you already and what's perhaps not. We'll ask 'What have you already tried or not yet'? We are cheering for you and will make sure you have the essential next steps to achieve your goals. Whether we're a match and decide to work together or not, let's discuss that. We want to see you absolutely THRIVE at leadership, to build, grow and maintain a high performing team. So let's talk and see what you think you need next and what's really needed for your team and business.

We'll absolutely point you in the right direction for alternative resources or help, or let you know if it's our area of speciality.

Email: [email protected] or phone M. +61 400 508108 to make an appointment to talk.

Want some help leading the team and improving the business?

Click the button to submit a couple of key business details to give us a few basics and we'll be in contact and go from there. Thank you in advance and we look forward to talking soon.

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