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Thanks so much for registering your interest for your 10 with Gen Discovery Session. We'd love to get you locked in for a session to play and experience The Art of Extraordinary™. Cause we know you'll go wow, really, omg, that was amazing! And more importantly we know when you're being more of your extraordinary self, those around you feel it, experience it and they then get to as well.

So jump onto Gen's calendar and let's lock in a time that suits. Remember if you're from another country and these times don't suit you.... let us know. Gen's an early riser, so she'll get up early and have a chat which suits either the late nighters across Europe and the late afternoons for across the Americas. Let us know what you need via email or here's our calender. Lock a time in and have some fun and discover your Extraordinary.

Thank you for being curious.

Genevieve & the team at

The Art of Extraordinary™
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"It's in being and doing extra of the ordinary, that we can discover our Extraordinary!"