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The Art of Extraordinary

Do you ever feel like people are constantly in search of the answers everywhere else but not trusting their own intuition, knowledge and ability?

Do you frequently find yourself giving out the "how and showing /telling people how to do things" when you know the solutions could actually come from asking a series of different questions?

Do you watch people sitting on the fence, uncertain, perhaps scared or lacking initiative and want to shout "get off the fence and get in the game", yet maybe feel reluctant yourself or lack the language to know what to say, to empower them to take the step, make the move and create the shift?

Do you see people struggling with accountability and not taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, they blame everything else or are frequently justifying their actions?

Do you see people spinning their wheels, going around and around in circles despite their best of intentions?

Are you responsible for empowering an organisation and/or individuals to thrive, strive and achieve the next level of 'success' - be that in business, in sport, ... in life?

Getting people ... really getting people, knowing what makes them tick (or not), what motivates and drives them (or not) and understanding how they do what they do, is the key.

Great people drive a successful organisation, thrive in business and live a fulfilling life.

Great leadership begins with self, and whilst it can be easy to look beyond self, elsewhere, justify and use excuses about how well a business is performing or life is going (or not), we are ourselves, in fact the solution. Getting and knowing ourselves better, will actually improve the relationship we have with others, our customer, clients, our staff, our suppliers - every stakeholder. We hold the key to a thriving, successful and sustainable business and similiarly a successful, thriving and happy life.

This is across any area of a business - sales, operations, customer service, management, etc -

This is also true across any and every area of life - health, relationships, social life, hobbies etc.

When we can help others improve their personal leadership skills - assist them go from good to great.

From ordinary to extraordinary.

Life  - all aspects of life - will improve and individuals and businesses can excel.

If you're responsible for the personal or professional development and transformation for individuals and groups, then you will benefit from this extraordinary experience.

Knowing that change starts with self, if you are yourself ready to uncover your extra, prepared to unlock more of your own personal potential and raise your voice, and step into a new game or raise the benchmark, then join like-minded coaches, trainers and facilitators for this inspiring and results-focused encounter.

Your Master Facilitator and Creator, Genevieve Matthews will share the keys to unlocking human potential. Learn to recognise blocks, empower people and facilitate a powerful and dynamic personal and professional development experience.

Come and play The Art of Extraordinary™.

With coaching and training experience already under your belt, this workshop is not for coaching newbies, this is about igniting a new spark, taking your facilitation expertise to a whole new level, updating your leadership coaching toolbox and unleashing a new lease of life into your coaching and training. Be prepared to take your facilitation skill-set to a deeper dimension, perform rapid transformation and have extraordinary coaching conversations like never before.

Be the change you want to see in others and discover The Art of Extraordinary.™

The Art of Extraordinary game has added a whole new dimension to facilitating groups and working with clients and quite simply by providing the space for transformation to occur. One of the most powerful experiences since implanting this game into my programs and workshops is witnessing people come to their own conclusions and to learn to trust their own intuition whilst relying on their own innate wisdom….removing the need for people to feel like they have to be told. The transformation this creates is extraordinary, because watching people step into their own self empowerment and connecting with their own internal resources brings with it an immediate sense of confidence. This then leads to better and faster quality decision making, eliminates fear around taking risks, maximises efforts and resources whilst tapping into the potential that was always there. Its like watching a light bulb get switched on inside each person right before your eyes as they move forward with clarity on the their direction regarding the steps they need to take. And best of all it is so much fun 🙂

Michele Jones, Facilitator, Educator, Coach and Mentor - Live Your Best Life - LYBL Creator & Ambassador

Play and discover how to:

  • Be better and faster at making quality decisions
  • Unearth untapped individual and group potential
  • Eliminate fear around taking risks and reduce self doubt
  • Get clear on personal and professional outcomes maximizing efforts and resources
  • Know exactly the direction to head and the next steps to take
  • Be more intuitive and instinctive

I'd been putting off making some big decisions and writing some important documentation for some time. Within moments of playing The Art of Extraordinary™ I knew exactly what needed to be articulated, quickly, concisely and without anymore beating around the bush and worrying about keeping everyone happy.

Peter Foran, Business Owner

Facilitation Workshop

Thursday 31st March 2016
9am - 1pm
Manly Skiff Club
A short walk from Manly Ferry

A$199 per person
(Valued at A$299)

  • 4 hour Leadership Development Workshop with morning tea on stunning Sydney Harbour
  • The Art of Extraordinary methodology and detailed facilitation instructions
  • An additional Personal Pack of The Art of Extraordinary™ Card Collection with instructions
  • Up-dated Online Membership Access to download instructions, audios and your creative journal
  • Networking and collaboration with like-minded coaches, trainers and facilitators

Using The Art of Extraordinary™ provides me with a tool to delve deeper, to unlock answers and give people better self-awareness. It is fast and it really helps take us well beyond the physical to explore the ever important mindset and thinking behind the actions, lack of actions or achievement of goals that people so desire. It helps people stay on track and discover the truth behind what is holding them back achieving the outcomes they truly want on a day to day, week to week basis.

Tracy Turner, Personal Trainer - BFit4Life

" We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it."

Albert Einstein

The Art of

The 'Go-to Productivity and Performance Tool' impacting culture, influencing attitude, improving decision-making, shifting behaviour and delivering results across organisations. Ideal for group and individual play for owners, leaders, managers, coaches, trainers, facilitators and L & D Teams to utilise during workshops, 1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions, training and team-building activities.

  • A collection of thinking principles to drive success in many areas of life
  • Modelled from global leaders across diverse industries
  • 33 Individual illustrated mindset mantra cards with 7 bonus 'We' Cards
  • A creative thinking and learning experience driving growth and development
  • Available for individual and group facilitation in various sized packs
  • Easy and fast to use to utilise with detailed step-by-step instructions provided

" Inside each of us lies infinite potential. It's in being and doing better at the ordinary that we can actually feel and experience the extraordinary."

Genevieve Matthews

The cards are a visual reminder whenever I hit a roadblock. The “Know What’s Important” card is extremely pertinent as I am focusing on planning my time more effectively - especially around what is important to achieve my goals rather than what is urgent or giving in to procrastination. The “Embrace Uncertainty” card is also a great prompt as I have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone and gather lots of information before taking action. The Art of Extraordinary™ is fantastic tool both for myself and to use with clients to get them to think beyond their current limits.

Alex Mason Jones, Executive Coach

The Art of Extraordinary™ Overview:

This was a shot in the arm, our company needed to move ahead. As small business owners it is very easy to get caught in the day to day running of the business and take your eyes off the bigger picture things.

Vicki and Mark Norek, Business Owners

After lacking motivation and confidence, reconnecting again and getting my mojo back was awesome. It's full steam ahead again and loving it.

Antony O'Dwyer, Business Development Manager

Personally and professionally I've noticed having confidence to reach out to people and follow up. Asking for the business or the recommendation or keeping in touch more with key people has been enormously beneficial.

Holly Galbraith, Business Owner

These mindset mantras for thinking are so powerful and useful on a daily basis. Being a mum and wearing many hats I now where to focus my energy and what’s really important. So valuable for both my professional and personal life.

Nicole Rando, Communications Manager

Valuing fun, experience, achievement, creativity and teamwork, Genevieve is highly encouraging of using different and engaging learning experiences.

"Inside each of us is the inner child that is curious, loves to explore, play, create and mostly importantly wants to have fun. When adult life comes along, so many rules, structure, regulations follow. The "box" as we call it, can be limiting and restrictive. So adult learning when made more fun, unique and different can be an inspiring, thought provoking and ultimately a transformative way to learn, to implement and to teach people to know how to take action."

"The topic of mindset and how to improve one's mind, is very dear to my heart, from personal experience as well as being a professional passion. I want people to discover their extra, their potential, that's yet untapped and undiscovered."

With over 25+ years in business across operations, product, sales and marketing and management, Genevieve knows the challenges and opportunities that face individuals and organisations. For the last 7 years, she's been mentoring, coaching, facilitating and speaking, creating a shift in thinking and helping people transform and grow professionally and personally.

Playing The Art of Extraordinary™ was an incredibly insightful experience. The game provided structure to clarify my current challenges, and prompted me to find solutions. I felt it helped me articulate clearly some issues I was having, in a playful and creative atmosphere. I recommend everyone in business keep a pack handy to help break down challenges into milestones.

Tara Whitewood, Coach and Extended Disc Consultant