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There is an art to having more extraordinary in your personal and professional life. We look forward to assisting you tap into more of your extraordinary, because inside each of us lies infinite potential. The journey start with ourselves first, because to truly be of value to others, as a great leader, mentor or coach, we must first grow ourselves. As we take care of our own growth, then we can really help others be of their best value, live and unlock their full potential and be their extraordinary self.

On discovering the Art, we've realised it's not rocket science. It is more of the everyday ordinary stuff, being and doing more of that, which really makes the difference. Truly it is. However if it was that easy, we'd all be doing it already, wouldn't we?! It actually takes some extraordinary to live it, to commit to it and to make it happen on a day to day, week to week and year to year basis.

Here's to you discovering more of yours and the ripple effect you will create as a result. Whether you use The Art of Extraordinary for yourself personally or you're in the business of facilitating growth, education and change for others, play, enjoy the experience and experiment with your facilitation style and techniques.

You may be amazed at the outcomes!

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The Turtle Dream

Genevieve Matthews, Creator & Founder of The Art of Extraordinary.

A few years ago I had a dream about a turtle. It was swimming in this big open tank and as I peered at it, it swam up really close to me, almost touching my nose. Curiously, I looked closer and reaching out, felt the urge to take it under it's flippers. Lifting it up out of the water, as one would a child, I felt surprise. As it came out of the tank it became a little boy, standing on his feet. I smiled and awoke.

When we're being extraordinary, we have no place to hide, no more turtle shell to protect us. We are exposed, vunerable and childlike. As children, we are constantly learning, we fall over, get grazed knees, get up, dust ourselves off, we get to run, explore and have fun. We play and grow. As adults, the fun factor changes. Our growth slows down. We can choose to stop learning. We fear making mistakes, hurting ourselves, we can sit in our boxes of limitation restricted by worrying about what others think, whether we fit the mold, are good enough or live up to the expectations and/or judgement that we feel others are setting or thinking.

Being extraordinary is about letting go of those limitations, expectations, assumptions and judgement of ourselves or others. Extraordinary is about being the best version of our own self on any and every given day.

It's time for turtle shells off.

Even when you may already think you've not had the shell there, sometimes you pop in and out of it, or perhaps you've already done a lot of work on this before.

We are learning machines.

We can always learn more, always grow more and we can always play - forever.

With love, laughter and light
Genevieve xxx

Come on the Journey. Discover the Art and Play.