When it all began...

In 2011, after a successful career and as mother to two children, Genevieve found herself hitting a wall. "It was a challenging period of my life working on learning to say no, asking for help, becoming clear on who I wanted to be and what I wanted out of life". Seeking out mentors to learn and grow from, Genevieve attributes her recovery and the creation of The Art of Extraordinary™ to the incredible education and support she received. Continuing to juggle work and home life through that phase simultaneously, Genevieve was able to extend the learnings to her client base, that grew beyond her industry specialty to fields diverse and varied. The game experience started out as laminated, A3 cards being spread across the boardroom table. Always envisioned to be something more extraordinary, Genevieve joined forces with the incredibly talented Alexandra Burda and they created the combination of mantras and art. Attributing the mantras to successful global leaders around the world and her mentors in particular. Acknowledgement and gratitude is extended to the creators of NLP, the art and science of excellence, Bandler and Grinder, to Tony Robbins, Sharon Pearson, Alice Haemmerle, Owen and Clare Cope.

This planted the seed for me to take action regarding my next career move. We just touched the surface as to my fears, excuses, life choices, and yet, it led to transformation. I could not get our conversation out of my head, and over the following week I suddenly stopped procrastinating and started on my new journey.

Jackie Nissen, Executive Leader

Valuing fun, experience, achievement, creativity and teamwork, Genevieve is highly encouraging of using different and engaging learning experiences.

"Inside each of us is the inner child that is curious, loves to explore, play, create and mostly importantly wants to have fun. When adult life comes along, so many rules, structure, regulations follow. The "box" as we call it, can be limiting and restrictive. So adult learning when made more fun, unique and different can be an inspiring, thought provoking and ultimately a transformative way to learn, to implement and to teach people to know how to take action."

"The topic of mindset and how to improve one's mind, is very dear to my heart, from personal experience as well as being a professional passion. I want people to discover their extra, their potential, that's yet untapped and undiscovered."

With over 25+ years in business across operations, product, sales and marketing and management, Genevieve knows the challenges and opportunities that face individuals and organisations. For the last 7 years, she's been mentoring, coaching, facilitating and speaking, creating a shift in thinking and helping people transform and grow professionally and personally.