The Art of Extraordinary™ created by Genevieve Matthews, is a resource and tool for improving and building leadership capabilities in both individuals and teams alike.

If you’re in a leadership role and on a mission to build and lead a thriving and successful business or organisation surrounded by a high-performing team, then The Art of Extraordinary™ is designed specifically for you. 

The extra is in the ordinary.
Experience fun, creativity, achievement and connection.
Mindset Mastery to excel you, your team, business/organisation and life.

Here's what people are saying

Playing The Art of Extraordinary was incredibly insightful. Got structure to clarify my challenges and it prompted solutions. It helped me articulate issues in a playful and creative atmosphere. Everyone in business should have a pack.

Tara Whitewood, The Sugar Doctor

The Art of Extraordinary cards are so beneficial as director of a small business. Every day the cards have a positive impact on the way in which I do business helping me to push myself, make decisions or gain self confidence to call up clients or prioritise tasks, as well as to brainstorm new ideas.

Lisa Harrison, Urban Event Management

The cards are a visual reminder whenever I hit a roadblock or need to help to plan my time more effectively and achieve my goals rather doing what's urgent or giving in to procrastination. A fantastic tool for myself  and clients to get them to think beyond their current limits.

Alex Mason Jones, Executive Coach

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This is a must-have productivity and performance tool for businesses, whether leading a team of 1, 10 or 100. Playing you’ll discover the ideal mindset, attitude and beliefs required to lead a successful business. As well you'll overcome indecision, find difficult conversations and action-taking easier and quicker. Drive trust, confidence and fulfillment across the business

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