Meet Katherine Reid

Business Overview

Tourism Segment: Regional Tourism

Location: Bundaberg

No. of Staff: 13

Yrs in Operation: 52 yrs

Katherine Reid said…

Originally, I reached out to Genevieve for assistance in transitioning from one of the team to a leadership role.  Gen’s coaching helped me to establish and understand the type of leader I wanted to be, and what the organisation needed as it evolved into a more dynamic and vibrant DMO. I also have connected with Genevieve whenever I have a significant presentation or public speaking occasion that I want to have impact. Not naturally a confident speaker, finding myself too often with shaky knees and no words, Genevieve has helped me numerous times to follow a clear process for formulating what I want to share with the audience to ensure seamless delivery.

As a Mum of 2, a CEO, a sister, daughter and friend, I often felt like everyone wants a piece of me, yet not able to deliver on any of those roles effectively. Geneveive helped me to manage the sense of overwhelm, to find calm in myself, and to set clear and productive boundaries so that I can tackle what I needed to when I needed to…and not beat myself up in the process for not being good enough!

Doing the capability development using the Thought Code model with Genevieve’s guidance has been awesome for our team cohesion, dynamics and productivity. As a membership organisation, Gen helped us to then use the thinking styles to better understand and engage with our stakeholders, which has been an enormously beneficial way to adapt our communication to suit where the business is at, as well as to understand what each business may need from us, according to where they’re sitting in the model. Having all of the team familiar with this way of thinking has helped us to have a shared narrative to plan and action how we manage the majority of our stakeholder relationships.

Genevieve has the ability to listen and really understand the problem, the issue, the challenge – and then without giving you the answer directly, she asks the right questions to help you realise that you have the answer yourself. We all need someone like Gen in our lives to remind us that we’re actually where we are at because we have worked hard to be there, and that we have the answers ourselves, we sometimes just need help to uncover them. Dig them out from the piles of imposter layers we cover ourselves in.

With a multitude of benefits gained from working with Gen, my all time favourite is that my heart is full after every chat 😊


Bundaberg Tourism

The organisation’s key priority areas are focused on driving visitation to the destination; striving to build and maintain a healthy and sustainable regional tourism economy. Their Destination Vision is for Bundaberg Region to be the destination of choice for the Great Barrier Reef, and recognised as home of Australia’s premier turtle encounter and of Queensland’s world-famous food and drink experiences.

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