Meet Edward Sierra

Business Overview

Tourism Segement:
Inbound Tour Operator

Sydney, Melbourne and Delhi

No. of Staff: 20

Years in Operation: 13 years

Job Title: General Manager

Edward Sierra said…
Like all tourism businesses during the turmoil of Covid-19, loss of revenue and employees was really challenging. Our team were understandably concerned about their futures and families. Considering the challenges I had affecting the business and my team, in particular the ongoing impact of stress and mental health, I needed to find a pathway that would refocus the team with a vision and set tangible goals and outcomes. Team cohesiveness was important in thinking of new revenue opportunities, actively contributing and debating ideas, and finally taking ownership of outcomes.

Through working with Genevieve at The Art of Extraordinary, we were able to agree on a set of goals broken down to Immediate, Short, Medium and Long Term.

We worked through a department wide business transformation and completely pivoted our operating model. We focused on our strengths of customer service, extensive product range, experienced destination consultants, robust booking platforms and looking after customers whilst in destination, and leveraged the global scale of our business.

I loved seeing the team participating, contributing, challenging each other, and working together on ideas. By agreeing together on outcomes, the team took ownership of their tasks.

This process is part of a Four Pillars strategy for me:

Capability – Making sure that I now have the right team in the right job, and being mindful of their mental health and effectiveness

Culture – Ensure that our culture and values promote inclusiveness and respect, open to all ideas and proposals.

Strategy – Work through the challenges to develop goals and tangible outcomes.

Execution – Put in place the reporting, communication and processes to deliver on our strategies.


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JTB has offices in Australia and New Zealand, with a very broad range of clients, from families, couples, independent travelers, business and corporate, including people who are planning their first trip to Japan.

JTB is a company that delivers experiences. As one of the largest travel and destination management companies in the world, they have built a knowledge and understanding of customer service that helps them to consistently deliver great experiences for their clients.

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