Action Taker or Avoider?

Whilst contemplating today’s blog topic, Frank arrived… literally in person. My awesome landlord for the office. We’ve had some flood damage issues upstairs, causing a few problems in my space. I let him know Friday, he saw it Saturday, then popped in today with the repair guy to discuss fixing it next Monday. Wow. Impressive.

Then this afternoon, it gets even better. After mentioning this morning, the back patio is looking a little green (ok very green) after all the rain, I asked if he had a gurney and if could we give it a clean-off. Not one to be shy about taking action, I even offered to wield the gadget myself to get the job done, he’s a busy man and has a lot on his plate and I know getting tradespeople is very challenging of late.

Fast forward a few hours, I return to the office after meetings, and voila the patio is almost clean as a whistle. Frank’s still out cleaning as I write this and I am super-duper impressed.

The question for you today is, are you more of an action-taker or an avoider?

Frank could have put it on the list of things to do and waited for someone to come and get it done, apparently, cleaners are nigh on impossible to find, particularly for small jobs. But rather than saying, he’ll look into it, he got it done.

I absolutely love leaders that get stuff done.

Love Leaders that take action. That despite obstacles, they overcome the challenges, find the time, and do the grind. Boots and all, they get in and get dirty.

They lead by example. They’re outcome focused.

It could be so easy to say, it’s not Frank’s job to do that, or mine, or yours (for whatever you’re possibly avoiding…), however, it’s critical to get it done, rather than use excuses. Either do it, outsource it, or teach others how. Preferably a hands-on approach, not just an email or verbal directive.

Avoidance is a great killer in business.

It can be avoiding the things that most affect the self.

It might be avoiding the things that most affect others.

It’s possibly avoiding the things that most impact your tourism business.

Everyone does avoidance to some degree or other. Its other name is procrastination, or it can show up as distracted, forgetful, or maybe competing priorities and other things win. Time and time again. Habits perpetuate themselves sadly.

So as the arvo wraps up, and Frank’s hose is about to be turned off.

What are you more of …. Action-taker or Avoider?



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