Aligning Individual Capability to Business Needs

What a business needs at any given point in time can vary, however did you know there are specific phases of growth a business will go through?

And do you know it is possible to get specific data on the Individual capability and know how individuals, a team or department and/or whole business team will cope with, get through, thrive or excel at existing or future business challenges.

Where the business is at now, is different to where it was at 2 years ago is different to where it will be in 2 years.

Likewise the individual capability also needs to be different.

It may not need to be different individuals, however there must be growth from individuals and teams. They must evolve and grow together.

It is critical to know what capability strengths exist and what areas of development could be required. This enables a targeted training approach, specific recruitment requirements or specific leadership focus.

If you’d like to find out more about your own individual capability, that of your leadership team, departments or the whole business, let’s talk.

Having a strategic business plan for re-starting or re-establishing or continuing in this new now and the future, is not strategic, if it doesn’t specifically align the human capability requirements to the business growth phases. Both where a business is right now and where it needs to go in the future.

It’s extraordinarily helpful for decision-making, communication, recruitment, talent development, training, leadership and retention of staff and so much more.

Want to temperature check what’s going on in your business?



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