Are People Your Biggest Time-Wasters or Time-Users?

Where do your strengths lie when it comes to managing Self, Team, Business and Customer?

Some will tell me they’re amazing at looking after their customers, all over it. And many say they’re pretty good on the business front, however often I hear the gap and challenges lie with the team.

People say they have problems with…

  • Lack of staff
  • Lack of skill
  • Lack of time to teach and train staff
  • Lack of resources to hire new staff or train existing staff
  • Lack of confidence when it comes to performance managing staff.

So here’s the thing, let me be completely frank. Where the work is needed is with SELF. Being a leader takes a lot of guts. As the old saying goes “All Guts, No Glory”.

Frankly, there is an intensity to dealing with staff. People are our greatest asset and are our biggest-time ‘users’. You may have been tempted to put the word ‘time wasters’ in here. And yes, often we can waste time, not because our staff wastes our time, it’s because we haven’t used our time well in the past and likely don’t currently use our time well. Do you want to continue that in the future?

In essence, it really does still come back to SELF, and how we:

  • Manage our time
  • Juggle priorities
  • Handle our stress
  • Effectively maintain relationships
  • Deal with the difficult conversations
  • Put boundaries into place and hold people to account
  • Drive momentum, consistency, and results
  • And so much more.

So if you think it’s actually all about the team….. Think again…….

Is it actually more about SELF? What steps can you take to shift things from the here and now, and into the future? So that your team definitely is your greatest asset, and is being effectively led.




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