Are You Caring For Your Casuals?

Are You Caring For Your Casuals?

Are You Caring For Your Casuals?

It’s no secret that motivation is an essential ingredient of success in any tourism business. But what motivates each of us is different, and this is especially true when it comes to our casual team members. In fact, research has shown that there are 6 human motivators that have an enormous impact on our behaviour and performance in the workplace.

These motivators are certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution. As leaders in the tourism industry, it’s important to understand and harness these motivators to ensure that our casual team members are engaged, inspired, and progressing, to have a positive impact on our businesses.

So let’s break these 6 motivators down.

Certainty is the need to feel safe and secure in our environment. Building trust in team members through consistent and reliable management is key.

Variety means that we need to keep things interesting – combine different aspects of the job to create new challenges, adventure, and surprise.

Significance speaks to the need for recognition and appreciation – a simple thank you can go a long way! Think about how you help your casuals feel valued, important, recognised, and validated; and how they’re included on the journey towards the business’ mission.

Connection is about fostering a sense of community and belonging in the team so that each person feels valued. How are you providing connections via different mediums, be that video messaging, text messaging, or newsletters? This could also be providing an opportunity to learn about different departments and build their understanding of other aspects of the business outside of themselves.

Growth speaks to our need to learn, evolve, and be challenged – provide opportunities for growth within our organisation.

Contribution is about offering clear opportunities for team members to contribute to an outcome, allowing them to feel ownership and pride in their own progress.

Focus on these first 4 for casuals to develop a framework for meeting the core needs of your casuals, and team, so they can then meet yours. You’ll see a marked and significant way in which they’re engaging with the business, how they feel more responsible in their roles, and the work that they’re producing for you and your customers.

By understanding and harnessing these human motivators, we can unlock our team’s potential and create an environment that enables and inspires everyone to reach their fullest potential.

We hope these tips help you to better use the 6 human motivators when leading casuals, and all of your team for that matter, in your tourism business.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bye for now, Gen.




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