Clearly Defined Job Descriptions

Each week prior to our game, I map out the positions on the pitch, specifically who is where and when. Then during training we talk zones, roles, skillset and requirements. Then each game it’s clear, visual and we talk again about zones, roles and strengths. When someone is doing a throw in, are they a strong thrower or not? How far away or close do our players need to position themselves? It’s different for each of the girls. They have to know, not just guess, they need to know how well their team mates can throw. Or if someone is taking a free kick, who takes it? Does it depend on strength, power or do they make a short pass and use someone else for the big boot, lob and into goal? It’s all part of the strategy each weekend. Knowing your team mates, understanding each other’s strengths and being very clear on job descriptions.

Most businesses say their job descriptions are somewhat grey.

Not clear and a bit fuzzy.

Does everyone on your team know their role and responsibility?

Is it clear, visual and talked about again and again?

Or is their presumption and assumption that means crossed wires and gaps.

Things fall through the cracks because it’s actually very unclear?

With many people multi-tasking currently this also can create some fuzziness as people overlap in areas, across departments and if communication is a smidge sloppy or inconsistent, then again, cracks appear.

If you and the team were to sit down or stand up with the white board or flip chart at hand, would it be useful to talk roles, responsibility and communicate?

FYI – We had a loss this week, in case you’ve read my past blogs, we were on a winning streak, this week though the top team in the comp have a star. She’s amazing and was supported by some excellent skill, team work and we just couldn’t get the goals into the back of the net. It happens.

Onwards and upwards, here’s to next week’s game. Some good learnings from this one.

How about you and the team?
Are you constantly learning?
Giving each other feedback?

Love to know.



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