Creative Juices flowing Again

Hi there, I’m back!

Did you miss my blogs?

A lovely client of mine called me out the other day and said “I haven’t seen any of your blogs pop up on my feed lately”. Whilst I could have used the FB algorithms as an excuse, I didn’t. I fessed up and said. ‘Mmm, I haven’t been blogging. I simply ran out of mojo for writing, storytelling, and being creative.’

Interestingly with a few health things going on, my natural practitioner mentioned a right-brain deficit and needing to get it working again. Well after a lot of months of spreadsheets, documents, accountability, planning, and working hard, it has definitely been very left-brain focused. So wasn’t at all surprised by the practitioner’s comments.

It’s a part of the reason why I’ve taken up pottery. Lockdown was great for painting, however, don’t have that time available anymore. So suddenly there was no creativity happened. Nada, nothing, rarely even colouring in.

However, sometimes, we have to make the time.

You see it’s really important to activate both your left and right brain. Both are essential to you being a happy, healthy, and well-functioning leader in your field.

So weirdly, or perhaps actually there is nothing weird about it, my right brain was in deficit and I had stopped writing. I couldn’t get my creative juices flowing. I also never force them. I’m a believer that it’s all happening for a reason.

So apologies if you missed the leadership blogs.

The juices are flowing again now, so stay tuned.

Unsubscribe if you’re not into them.

Reach out if there is anything in particular topic-wise you’d like to hear about.

Charge up both your left and right brain with pertinent activities.

Or take a break if you need to and focus on one more than the other for a bit.

Here’s to both the left & the right,



P.S Never let the anxiety or fears overcome your true purpose, intent, or desired outcomes. Stay focused on who it’s for and why it matters.

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