Dealing with the Overload

Whether it’s in person or still remote, many people are saying ‘Enough is Enough’. The pace is frenetic, the intensity enormous and the demands too much.

Nervous systems are overloaded, it’s creating debilitating anxiety and extreme fatigue.

The impact of stress on our body and brain is enormous and affects the way we sleep, eat, act and interact.

Maybe we keep it together for the team, able to hide it or temper it through the screens, maybe even face to face, others can’t pick up on it. We think we’re putting on a good show.

Yet when we’re in our own private world, the impact is pretty debilitating.

Those that see and experience that are generally our nearest and dearest.

We’re short with loved ones.

We’re spending minimal time with them and if we do, then it’s distracted.

We’re eating all the wrong kinds of food.

We’re fuelling for energy, because we’re so tired or we’re eating on the run, cause we haven’t got time, or not eating, because that is just more work.

We’re waking up at 3am wired and buzzing, mind not able to switch off.

It’s not sustainable.

There has to be a line in the sand.

There has to be non-negotiables.

Health has to be an absolute priority.

You have to fit your own mask first.

Is everyone else getting that love and attention, yet perhaps not you?

Have recently had a good kick up the butt and reminder that self-care isn’t just a soak in the tub or an hour of Netflix time.

There is more to self-care.

At the core of it are essential routines and rituals that ensure we can be our very best self day in day out. These routines and rituals can go across a multiple of areas of life to support us.

Have you ever done a routine & ritual audit to see what is working and what’s not?

Sometimes it might just be the smallest tweak of something, one thing that could make a difference!

Want to take a look at my 101 Routines & Rituals for Being Your Best Self at Home & at Work?

Message me 101 here.



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