Forget to Plan or Planning to Forget?

Only 1 month till Christmas.  2021 is around the corner. When it comes to ‘Planning’ it’s one of those words that evokes varying responses. Some people love planning and let’s face it some people don’t.

For some it’s a finely tuned capability and they can plan every minute of the day, large projects, or small events. Their diary might be colour coded, they’re a whizz with xl and every moment is accurately accounted for. Then some like to freewheel it, be spontaneous and keep it all in their head and definitely nowhere near or out on a white board, excel spreadsheet or any form of app or planning platform.

Neither is right nor wrong. Good nor bad.

As long as, and here it is… as long as it is working for you, the team and the business.

And if it’s not. Do something about it.

Whilst 2020 no one could have planned for. It is the very act of re-organising, re-adjusting, re-vising that helps recovery and preparation for the future.

Here’s a fresh perspective on planning:

P – Prepare – Ask lots of great questions about WHY and WHAT for the year ahead/whether a project / big goals, bringing the vision to life or specific outcomes that are desired.

L – Learn – What’s the knowledge or education individuals, team or business has from the past as input to this phase of planning? Is there new knowledge, information, wisdom or expertise required to support the ideas, concepts, goals, outcomes on the table (or whiteboard, notice board or even mural if you do this as an activity).

A – Action – What goes where now? You might be a 1 year / 90 day planner, or work on 6 week cycles, maybe 1 month works for you. Doesn’t matter what the approach, it matters that you have an approach. So then break down the bigger chunks into smaller tasks, jobs, activities, goals and actions.

N – Name – Who is doing what? Get the involvement of relevant people, parties and players. Outsource, hire in contractors, part-timers, upskill existing team members or cross-train where needed. Commit to the investment, learning and development to make this plan a success.

Trust this gives you a different approach to think about your 2021 planning. Now is the time. Whilst many businesses and teams are struggling to get to the finish line. High performing teams and businesses have their plan already in place and are gearing up ready for the new year ahead.

Whilst Benjamin Franklin’s words are a little brutal – If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail, I work more by the mantra “If you forget to plan, you’re planning to forget”. Let’s keep this important leadership capability at the forefront and front of mind, before the year is over.

And if you or the team would like a hand with the PLAN, message me here.


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