Panic or Problem Solve

Yesterday whilst we having a leisurely cuppa with dear old friends we hadn’t seen in a while, there was a knock at the door. Then this voice “Not sure I can come in he said”, sensing immediately something was wrong, I bounded out of my chair, was out the door and into action.

There was a lot of blood, an 83 year old and multiple unknowns.

Do you panic or problem-solve when there is a crisis?

Some people stand and watch
Some go do their own thing
Some people offer help
Some people take action
Some people make commentary on the sidelines
Some people make great doers, doing the running and getting things.
Some people give the instructions
Maybe from the sidelines or maybe because they’re right in the middle of the action.

Each crisis might need specific handling, so it’s not to say what is right or wrong. It’s all about what solves the problem and gets a successful outcome, a good end result.

So… long story short. Ron is ok, turned out a small wound, yet tonnes of blood.

Does the ‘metaphoric’ blood turn your stomach or do you relish problem solving and coming up with solutions to problems?

Panic slows us down. It fuzzies or muddies the thinking required to focus.

Problem solving means we can operate at high speed with a laser like focus.

I know which one I enjoy more, how about you?

What problems will you tackle today?

Panic = doubt / fear
Problem-solving = curiosity / love

Stay curious, love problem solving and look forward to the end-result.



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