Planning for Success

Anyone else love this time of year and getting the planning tools out and into action?

Whilst most of us have best intentions of doing it at the end of the year in preparation for the new year, you’re certainly not alone, if you haven’t got the plan for ’22 all sorted yet. Particular as there is a lot up in the air with what is going on at the moment.

Here are a couple of my favourite tools for planning. I actually love the trip to officeworks to get the things. I get quite excited. Yes, a little nerdy, but hey planning is my thing. So

    1.  The year in one view
    2.  Sticky chart paper
    3.  A white board
    4.  Coloured sticky notes
    5.  Big fat textas and normal markers

A quiet space, either solo or with the team and time is essential. Map out, block out and make time to think brain dump and consider!

Consider this question; if it was the end of 2022, what would make it an awesome year? What would you have seen, felt, heard and experienced?

It could be personal, it could be professional.

You might do the activity for your role/position, with the team or a department, you might do the activity as a whole business or company. You might do it personally and make it a ‘life’ activity.

The most important thing is you actually do it. Keeping it in your head, is a fairly ineffective strategy for success.

Because it is critical for engagement, buy-in and connection when it’s about team and business.
It’s critical for achievement, motivation and accountability when it’s about individuals.

People want to feel valued, appreciated. They want to be seen and heard. Most people like achievement.

What better way to do that, than dreaming, motivating and planning together.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Am sure you’ve heard of the plan on the table napkin from the pub. That happens too. However make sure there is some kind of experience that connects people, invites contribution, ideas and brainstorming. That can then lead to accountability, trust, reward, recognition, achievement.

Whether it’s as an individual and coach, or individual and manager.

Or it’s the team with a facilitator or the business and the CEO.

Whilst the words of Benjamin Franklin state “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”, I’m less of a believer in failure, rather feedback. And year on year I see individuals, teams and businesses do really well, when they have a plan. Sure yes, lots changes along the way. However having a plan, is a roadmap to the destination, you’re wanting to get to. It’s the blueprint for building the house.

Would you like some help with your planning? Creating a great brain storming session for you and the team?

Let me know.



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