Why It’s Crucial to Surround Yourself with Quality People

Business leadership can be a lonely place.
It’s often something that is not even spoken about or acknowledged.
Many would not even like to admit to loneliness.
Maybe suffering in silence is easier.
There could be 100 reasons not to share.
Too busy to stop and talk.
Who wants to listen? They’ve got their own stuff to deal with.
What happens if it opens a can of worms? Best leave the can close.
I can deal with it myself. I always have.
Staunch independence. Or fiercely strong. I am Wonder Woman.
Some live by the mantra “This too shall pass”
However here’s why it’s super important to prioritise surrounding yourself with quality people.
– Humans love quality connections
– In the words of Jim Rohn, we are average of the five people we spend the most time with. So hang out with people who really care, can lift you when you need that help and will give you a kick up the butt, when that could be what’s needed too.
– Growth and Contribution are two very powerful motivators and drivers of the human psyche, so feed them, by learning from quality people. Add value and contribute to the lives and business of others as well.
Avoid the lonely road and the detrimental impact it can have on relationships, business, and health.
Reach out. Ask for help, if it’s needed.
Genevieve “Quality counts” Matthews

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