Stretching Limits Personally & Professionally

When it comes to pushing oneself, I’d always had a limiting belief “I can’t do water colour painting”. You might think… well why does that matter?!

Professionally probably not that much, I’m not a Picasso or even an aspiring Archibald artist, I simply adore art for my own passion.

Something important to note, it wasn’t a particularly justified belief, ie. not a lot of evidence or proof, mostly simply my thinking. Because whilst I’d tried Water colour a few times possibly back in school, in my twenties, it hadn’t gone yet I didn’t have a lot of vast practice or experience to base my judgements on.

Honestly as well, I’d also never actually put the time in to learn, or work with a great teacher, who in just moments could transform the way in which I think and behave when it comes to working with water colour.

Recently instead of being scared of water colours, i decided it’s time to embrace them. Working with the very talented Stephanie Elizabeth, I learnt a few key tips and techniques, not rocket science yet foundational.

When it comes to leadership, have you nailed the foundations?

Or do they still allude you when it comes to leading, developing and building a high performing team. Is it fact or feeling?

Remember sometimes our beliefs may not be justified by fact, evidence or proof, they are ‘beliefs’ we’ve created on our perspective of experiences, how we feel and the stories we tell ourselves.

Sometimes they significantly impact us, the role we have, the job we do and the influence and impression we leave with others day in day out.

Do you have aspects of work or life that you believe… however it may not be justified… it’s more so the thoughts in your head rather than fact?

What are one or two beliefs you know are not serving you, the team or business right now?

Love to know.

Genevieve ‘Creative’ Matthews


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