Meet Ben, Jodi and Samantha…

Business Overview

Tourism Segment: Tour Operator

Australia and New Zealand

No. of Staff: 400

Yrs in Operation: 100 yrs

CEO Ben Hall said…
We did not have any hesitations from the get-go – this was something we had been seeking for quite some time as we had identified areas of opportunity across the team and a need for a focus on training, coaching and development for them to meet the expectations required in both sales and service.

We have implemented a clear expectation and level of service required and provided the team with training, coaching, examples, manuals, processes, and tools for them to continue to work towards being successful sales agents. We have introduced a structured call flow along with call quality monitoring to ensure our agents are onboarding the learnings we are providing them with and aiming for revenue driving results on all sales calls.

Reservations Manager Jodi Lees-Sauvan said…
Gen worked with myself and my leadership team to understand our expectations and goals for our sales agents. Gen worked with us over a 6-month period and in the first 3 months built our Sales and Service Essentials manual and curated 6 x 45 min – 1-hour sessions, catered to our teams needs and development opportunities in both sales and service.

Gen held individual sessions with myself and each of the performance leaders to identify areas we would like to develop in and required support. With Gen’s extensive knowledge and experience she catered each of these sessions to our personal/professional needs to help us grow and how we can best support our direct reports. I believe more of these types on session for leadership would be beneficial in the future.

Contact Centre Trainer Samantha Cowan said…
Gen was great to work with and is clearly experienced in this field. Her communication is clear and concise, and Gen also took the time to work with each of our leaders 1:1 to understand our needs and how she could assist us with our team and also our own personal development.


AAT Kings

AAT Kings is Australia’s favourite guided holiday company, with over 100 years of experience, and a wide range of Day Tours, Short Breaks and Guided Holidays making them the perfect way to experience the best of Australia and New Zealand.

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