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Creating High Performing Teams
How to go from Woe Team to Pro Team in the Next 10 Weeks

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  • Thursday , 23rd September
  • Sydney 10.00 am
  • Adelaide 9.30 am
  • Perth 8.00 am

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About Your Host

Genevieve Matthew's "Create, Lead and Perform" system is reknown. She shows business leaders how to build high performing teams and lead thriving businesses.

Since 2008, Genevieve has been the go-to mentor and facilitator for business leaders who want to grow and drive results across their team and business to make a bigger difference with customers and clients around the globe. Genevieve works with leaders who understand that building a team is about purposeful and focused leadership rather than pipe dreams or busting a boiler working 24/7. Her signature system The Art of Extraordinary™ is built around extra of the ordinary to create the extraordinary. This happens by creating an incredible vision, leading with purpose and all-team peak performance. She's on a mission to reduce disengagement in the workplace by encouraging leaders and teams to focus on working in their genius zone bringing out the full potential of individuals, teams and the business.

Genevieve is the specialist in focused and effective business leadership development that improves communication, accountability and drive results for leaders in business.

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