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Mark and Vicki Norek said…
It became evident very quickly this was a shot in the arm our company needed to move ahead. As a small business owner it is very easy to get caught in the day to day running of the business and take your eye off the bigger picture things. Working together with Genevieve has been truly invaluable and has meant we have restructured our staffing, employed new key people to move our business forward, and put in place some essential processes, future business goals and strategies. The time, enthusiasm, advice and wisdom Genevieve imparted to both of us has been a wonderful journey that has greatly benefited our business.


Life’s an Adventure

Life's an Adventure provides award-winning ‘Pack free’ walking holidays experiences across Australia and the world. The company offers a range of guided tours and outdoor experiences with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Their activities include kayaking, hiking, and cycling tours, as well as multi-day and private tours.

Life's an Adventure's tours are designed to showcase the natural beauty of Australia's most spectacular regions, including the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, Kangaroo Island, Western Australia and Tasmania. The pack free tours are particularly popular, allowing guests to travel with minimal luggage and without the burden of carrying heavy packs.

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