Meet Nick Say

Business Overview

Tourism Segment: Food and Wine Experience

Location: Phillip Island

Nick Say said…

Thanks so much for leading us through this program, Genevieve. I had not undertaken any personal development for quite some time - with the pull of business survival post-COVID and trying to find that elusive work-life balance any form of introspection seemed selfish and a poor use of time. This program struck me as a perfect antidote, in that it addressed my leadership within not only my organisation but within the local tourism industry as a whole.

Post-COVID and following all the trials and tribulations and daily spot-fire management, it was certainly refreshing to step back and look up and ahead.

While it is early days to consider what I have implemented, I am aware of different reference points in my own behaviour, and the behaviour of others within my organisation. I am striving to introduce more structure and accountability, and perhaps most importantly I have realised I am not facing the daily challenges of a small tourism business alone – I have met others in a similar position and now have a framework to reach out if required.

This program has enabled me to be more confident facing an uncertain future within the industry and has given me the tools to not only manage my day to day better but also to plan for the future.

Hats off to Genevieve for keeping us on track, on task, and focused on what was an excellent, worthwhile program.


Phillip Island Winery and The Westernport

Set on the south coast of Phillip Island, this 14-acre property with three acres of vines offers a range of spaces available for weddings, functions and events. The grounds are stunning yet simple, offering expansive inviting lawns, a boutique cellar door, rolling rural views and glimpses of the glittering turquoise water of Bass Strait.

Lunches and afternoon grazing options include a delectable range of grazing boards, share plates and daily specials featuring quality local produce. The cellar door offers wine-tasting and retail wine sales.

Guests can wander through The Yards where an on-site floral stylist and quality gift shop offers an opportunity to take home a quality souvenir.

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