Meet Jess Patman and Brett Lacco

Business Overview

Tourism Segment: Cruise Operator

Location: Phillip Island

Jess Patman said…
Gen was absolutely wonderful; the training was engaging and we had a great group to work with throughout the program. I feel better equipped to manage my stress at work. I am now more focused and better at setting priorities. I feel overall my skills as a leader have improved. I have learnt new skills and as Brett likes to joke, not that I needed it but my confidence has been given a boost.

We have implemented a number of things throughout the program and refined some things already in place. A recent success was our internal newsletter. We have hired some new staff and are focusing on getting our leaders to lead. While there’s still lots of room to improve, I now feel better equipped with the many challenges that arrive in managing a growing company. I know the areas we need to work on, and it was interesting to reflect and take stock of the areas we are doing well in.

A big thanks to Gen for her ongoing support and encouragement throughout the training. We highly recommend working with Gen as a mentor. She went above and beyond to help us improve our communications skills and relationship management, boosted our confidence, pushed us to take action on our priorities, and helped us step back and refocus on the bigger picture for our business.

Brett Lasso said…

Coming into this program I was very pessimistic regarding my suitability to be involved in such a “thing”. After being persuaded by Jess, I now would not have wanted to miss it. Gen passed on management tools and strategies to all that attended, not only to help with individual businesses and our destination, but to us all as individuals in our own lives as well. It has been a great program to be involved with, and I will continue to try to implement what I have learnt from this experience to help the business continue to grow in the best direction. Thanks so much.


Wildlife Coast Cruises

Wildlife Coast Cruises is an environmentally accredited business which operates around the beautiful waters of Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory. Their wide range of cruises include trips to Seal Rocks, Twilight Bay cruises, Scenic Lunch Cruises, Whale Cruises and Wilsons Promontory Cruises.

The Kasey Lee and the Brianna Lee are custom built catamarans 65 feet in length, crewed by friendly and professional staff who are happy to care for and entertain guests on their journey.

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