What other Leaders in Business are saying...

  This workshop was so engaging and practical. It not only motivates and inspires, but provides the opportunity to develop really practical skills to improve all areas of your life. I'll be back again next year - not perfect but progressing :). Thank you!

Sasha Job, Lecturer/ Clinical Supervisor – Physiotherapy, UCQ

  This workshop had great content and a good level of challenge for some real-life learning and implementation. A great explanation for better understanding human behaviour and the safe way to make changes.

Helen Zigterman, Owner, ThatOTPractice

  Thank you for bringing this fantastic opportunity for leaders who value personal and professional development to Bundaberg. We often get stuck in the daily grind and changing the "hats" we wear and forget to self care - mentally and physically.

Madonna Elsmore, Associate Lecturer & Professional Experience Academic, UCQ

  I have gained some invaluable insights into myself, both personally and professionally, that are going to help me achieve my goals and grow my business. I can now clearly see what needs to be done for the best outcomes.

Amanda Ford, Naturopath, Zest & Zing

  It's really helped me to focus on my long-term vision how to overcome self-limiting obstacles. As well provided me with the energy to re-ignite my business. Such a relaxed, informal and informative workshop.

Alex Mason-Jones, Leadership Consultant, IECL

  Working on my business over the last 3 months on the Excelerator Program, has really helped me with business building and personal growth. I've implemented many tools and now have so much more focus and clarity, as well as confidence in myself to build my business and workspace to a large health and well-being community.

Fiona Larcombe, Women's Health Practitioner, Heal 4 Life

  This experience provided inspiration, clarity and practical steps towards running a successful multi-million $ organisation. It has been useful for the everyday operations of running a business, as well as inspiring team and motivating others.

Kari Love, Regional Vice President, Arbonne

Playing The Art of Extraordinary was incredibly insightful. Got structure to clarify my challenges and it prompted solutions. It helped me articulate issues in a playful and creative atmosphere. Everyone in business should have a pack.

Tara Whitewood, Business Owner, The Sugar Doctor