Getting Results from 10 with Gen!


Are you good with quick check-ins with your team? Or do conversations end up dragging on and taking way longer than necessary?

One of my fave clients and I have this new arrangement that is going so well. He’s a fast talker and an action-taker.

We have weekly 10 with Gen’s. Then a monthly big session. We brainstorm, he implements and he reports back. He gets it done.

It’s so impressive. Sometimes things don’t work for him the first time, whether it’s the communication, or his unrealistic expectations of team members, and their actual capability, so he’s learnt to adapt per individual, he’s taking so much responsibility for his own actions and ability.

Often leaders avoid that – they think it’s all about their team and not themselves.

Not everyone is up for working on themselves. I get that. I wasn’t sure in the beginning either.

It all starts with self.

So he’s had some great wins these last months particularly. We’ve worked together for 3 years on strategy, tactics and dynamics with his team. It’s been an incredible journey.

The recent wins though, they’re personal. They’re very meaningful.

* Getting to take that family holiday and not need to spend hours every day on the laptop.

* Dropping 7kgs

* Turning up for school reunion

* Cycling several times a week instead of being at the desk at 6am

Just a few of the personal wins for him.

Sometimes the personal wins help us professionally and sometimes the professional wins mean we can focus on the personal.

What wins would you love to work on if you could have a 10 with Gen every week?



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