Fact or Feeling

Is it Fact or Feeling?

Fact or Feeling

Ever find yourself getting caught up rehashing a situation from work, its 3am and it’s still playing out in your head? Or getting worked up over something in the middle of the day, that distracts you from the to-do list, taking action etc. My client Lisa used to have it happen quite a bit. Till we met that is. Because the first thing we worked on, were strategies for letting go.

One of the techniques, we worked on is a very simple question.

Is it a fact or is it a feeling?

It’s sometimes really useful to be able to separate, what’s going on. Or on deeper level recognise when it’s a feeling about a fact (situation, conversation, experience etc)

Ie. The weather right now.……

We can decide the ‘weather is crap right now’ and get really worked up about it. Or we can say ‘I feel very frustrated by the wet weather at the moment’.

Our feelings aren’t fact. They are our feelings. Influenced by our attitude, beliefs, values, innate personality and more.

Whilst it takes work, we can actually with understanding choose our feelings. We can recognise when they (feelings) are meant to be an alert signal only. We don’t have to act, respond or react to every feeling. Perhaps something is taking us out of our comfort zone, perhaps causing a variety of negative emotions. They are feelings. We get to choose our response.

Our behaviour comes next.

We also get to choose how we behave. With awareness. When we are self-aware and when we are aware of others.

Could it be useful to let go of emotions that are perhaps sabotaging rather than serving?

Ask yourself, is it fact or feeling first?

Then maybe you can choose, note the alert signal and not buy into the ‘drama’ of the emotion. Particularly if it’s a huge distraction in your workday or keeping you awake at night.



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