Keeping your Zen On!

At the moment, it’s all pretty stressful!

Whether you’re in iso, back to work ‘as if it’s business as normal’, maybe you’re remote and back on teams/zoom or perhaps you’ve been doing the January juggle with kids and work – it’s full on.

No matter what the ‘current scenario’ looks like for you; your self-care is absolutely critical. Please prioritise those routines and rituals that ensure you take care of you first.

It could be one or more of these;

  • the morning walks
  • getting into nature
  • meditating
  • your daily green juice
  • pre-planning and preparing the healthy foods
  • making your to-do list (small bite sized pieces) and ticking it off (even if it takes weeks!)
  • getting out for breaks and fresh air every hour or two
  • booking the next getaway / change of scenery (even with the unknown)
  • talk to good friends (as long as you mutually care for each other)
  • down tools and sink your feet into sand, soil or grass or stand on a balcony, stick your head out the window!
  • Who is on your team? Do you need to book checkups? Checkins? Or do some 2022 planning? For you, not for work!

Self-care is quite an individual thing. You’ll know what you need.

Deep down you know what fills your cup up. It might be about connecting and asking for help. Being disciplined and decisive to actually follow through on the routines, setting boundaries so you come first consistently rather than putting everyone else first at the cost of your self-care.

Back to nature with my gal is absolutely my happy place.

What’s yours?




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