Mental Fitness in the Workplace

“So if you’re physically fit, you can climb steep hills without physical stress. If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress or other negative emotions. You’ll be happier and perform better.” Shirzad Chamine.

Imagine if you had the insight into how to measure and improve on your mental fitness!

Particularly right now with everything we have going on.

PQ – (Positive Intelligence Quotient) shows the measurement of mental fitness and neuroscience shows us we can actually improve those mental muscles.

In reading and watching Shirzad Chamine’s work on Positive Intelligence, he shares the way in which our truly extraordinary self gets a little waylaid with life’s experiences early on and subsequently in adulthood. Somewhere along the way, our true original self with its own incredible sage wisdom, gets tackled head on by saboteurs (9 of them). These develop through life’s experiences and we start to listen / react and respond to them, pay them heed and as a result react and respond accordingly.

We have the Master Judge: who sits in judgement

Then there is Avoider, Victim, Hyper-Rational, Stickler, Pleaser, Hyper-Vigilant, Controller, Hyper Achiever and Restless.

They all have characteristics they drive us to do different things that might be serving us or sabotaging us in the workplace (generally in life too).

For example, do you or those around you:

* Avoid conflict and difficult conversations?

* If criticized or misunderstood, tend to withdraw, pout, and sulk?

* Sometimes come across as intellectually arrogant or secretive?

* Come across as highly critical of self and/or others?

* Have a strong need to be liked by people and attempt to earn it by helping, pleasing, rescuing or flattering them?

* Always feel anxious with chronic doubts about self and others?

* Have a strong energy and need to control and take charge?

* Showcase a very competitive, image and status conscious attitude?

* Get easily distracted and be scattered, juggling multiple tasks?

Maybe one or more or several of these resonate.

The thing is we’re all different, yet there are incredible similarities to how we operate as humans.

In the workplace, if our saboteurs are out to play, as individuals it’s like a mental mind-field. Totally distracting us from making wise and calm choices. If they collectively impact the business, then what do you think is happening to the business? To an industry?

Our sage self is phenomenal at empathising, exploring, creating, navigating and taking bold action.

Who is turning up on for your team at the moment?

Your sage self or your saboteurs?

Who is turning up and evident amongst your team members?

How mentally fit are you feeling?

How mentally fit do you reckon your team are feeling?

Do you know how to strengthen your mental muscles?

Have you ever talked about ways to strengthen your team’s muscles?

Am curious.


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