Staying on the Pathway

It came as somewhat of a surprise when first starting out in business. Now, 9 years in to running my own show, each and every day can still be as wobbly and as challenging as in the early days. The view though is different!

There is a real art to being able to staying on track and go the distance. Because no matter what the challenges, hurdles, obstacles or pot holes look like… they’re exist for all of us. Regardless of size of business, number of employees, industry we are in or phase of business growth we are at.

To combat them, keep moving forward and grow, it’s incredibly helpful to know our own triggers and behaviours well.

Intimately in fact.

Because then we’re able check-in and take a good look at the thinking that has created them and the meaning we give them.

This week with clients we’ve been talking ALOT about significance, how we and others meet our own and their need for significance – the feeling of value and importance. When it’s lower as a business owner (as in we’re not feeling so great about where we or the business is at), we may be wanting others to fill up our own tank, instead of doing it ourselves. We could be playing the martyr or victim. Even if it’s just in our own head. Or maybe more of the bully. Remember self deprecation or brash bragging – comes in the same category, only sounds a little different!

Then the worst of it is the Self Doubt…… it seeps in, get’s into every fibre and muscle of the body and brain. It can take hold and with-in seconds, can cause procrastination, self sabotage, complete distraction, verbal abuse (of self and/or others) and suddenly….. you end up in a place of complete anxiety, overwhelm, getting nothing done and perhaps staring further and deeper into the abyss.

Here’s how to tackle the self doubt.

1) Know it is completely human

2) Understand what your triggers are
– TO do that – ask yourself, how do I know it’s time to do self doubt?
– Will it be something that you see, hear or perhaps experience?
– This will then create a feeling and depending on how quickly you can catch it, you’ll ride the rollercoaster – is it a joy ride or maybe it’s more like a slippery side (fast and scary or are you laughing and loving it?)

Some examples –
– Someone is chatting about their business success? You question it (aloud or to yourself) – start comparing, doubting it, defending where you’re at, or putting down what you have or haven’t yet achieved?
– You’re on Facebook or reading something and think oh….. and wee!!!!! Down the slide again.
– Is it when you start going through all the papers on your desk, you come across a business card of someone you haven’t yet followed up with and then you think….. and off your mind goes.
– An email flashes in and suddenly you find yourself taken way of course, hours later realising….

Our triggers can be personal and unique to us.

Understand which are your main ones that press your buttons and then

Ask yourself the question – why does this really matter? (if you’re all good then fabulous – if not, then read on…)

Once you know the triggers, then

3) Work out your TOP 3 Strategies for Dealing with the Triggers

– Chant – My Certainty Must Exceed My Doubt (always my fave) or similar
– Turn up the Music – Put on music that is literally a pattern interrupt for your brain
– Do something you LOVE – what’s your thing that fills up your tank (be creative, walk, breathe)
– Phone a friend, coach, mentor, talk to a team-mate, colleague, business contact
– Break down the steps to solve the problem – what are all the ways you can keep moving
– Make a decision – usually a decision about something could be involved that you’re been putting off (consciously or unconciously)
– Take Action

Pablo Picasso once said, The Foundational Key to Success is ACTION.

Often, when we get on with something, anything that is moving us forward towards our vision, then we are a step closer rather than standing still or going backwards.

Doubt and Uncertainty are very normal in business and a part of the growth and journey.
Embrace Uncertainty and Trust, that you are more than enough and that you have all you need within you right now!



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