Success Comes Through Curiosity

My family and I were recently having a mini farm staycation, poop scooping and all, and it got me thinking about your tourism experience.

Are there things you don’t offer because you think a customer might not want to do them?

Here’s where poop scooping comes into it… my daughter is horse crazy and whenever we come and visit this farm stay, we both happily wield the rake and push the barrow around to keep the horse paddocks clean and tidy.

Yeah, most people would assume that a guest may not want to do that, so hence I’m asking you the question.

Do you actually ask your customers, your guests, passengers or visitors what they really want to be doing and experiencing when they are with you?

Maybe you have asked in the past.

Have you asked recently?

Do you make assumptions or do you continue to ask for customer feedback and to act on and implement?

It may be the simplest of things, it could be more complicated, it may be an added expense, it may not and it may be simple touches, that are all human and show the care factor that’ss essential for making your business really special and importantly really stand out from the crowd.

Another aspect to this is, we can also be asking our team members for their valuable input, feedback, suggestions and recommendations. And it is essential that if we ask for these, to acknowledge them, express gratitude, act and implement ideas.

Whilst not everything might be doable, effective or financially viable, it’s still essential to recognise this valuable input from the team.

Likewise it’s critical to provide feedback with “The Why Factor” if something can or can’t be done so that staff understand, are in the journey and involved. It helps with buy-in and engagement.

Go well and keep asking questions. Success comes through curiosity.





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