3 Steps to Turn Chaos into Clarity

Too much on your mind? Being pulled from pillar to post? It can look and feel like chaos.

When you’re leading a team, growing tourism business, and looking after customers and clients, it can be very busy being all things to all people. Except for the one person that matters the most. YOU.

Maybe you’re barely sleeping, your nutrition is shot, and exercise, well that’s something you did in your twenties, or some time ago, or perhaps it’s just really spasmodic.

You probably know your team members, or even customers, better and more intimately than your kids and another half. Or who… did you say? Has date night been long forgotten, or even getting out with friends and catching up?

And it matters.

It matters at home and it matters at work. Because the chaos at work isn’t helping anyone.

Clarity goes a long way in solving the chaos. Because if you’re being pulled from pillar to post in too many directions, focusing on so many different things, and haven’t got a high-performing team surrounding and supporting you, then… it’s time.

It is time to draw the line in the sand.

It’s time to really get clear on what matters.

It’s time to get everything out of your head and onto paper.

It’s time to refocus your energy and talent.

It’s time to speak up.

Let go, delegate, and empower others to excel around you too, so you can reconnect with your passion, and make business and life profitable, not just another endless week of meetings, running, racing, feeling mostly guilty with rare moments of joy and a sense of achievement.

Would you like to have more joy day in and day out, week after week?

Would you like to feel a sense of achievement rather than disappointment and frustration more often than not?

You deserve to.

Let’s up the ante and work on your clarity, so you can grow and lead a high-performing team (both at work and at home), without needing to work 24/7 and burn out.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Brain dump everything out of your head that’s causing you stress, frustration, grief, overwhelm, whatever you’ve been procrastinating on, and know you need to do; at work, and at home. Put it randomly onto a large piece of paper.

Then this week

Step 2: Focus on Two Items, only two. Get a coloured text and circle the two things that matter the most and decide a course of action, a small baby step or task you could do that would move you a little closer to feeling a sense of relief, achievement, fulfillment, completion, and yes, joy.


Step 3: Do One of those things. Only One.

Message me here once you have your page and you’ve done that one thing.

Here’s to Clarity!




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