3 Ways to Regain Momentum

Jane and her team were a little stuck in their business. They were stuck being very operational. Caught up in the day to day. Their pace was hectic, they were going fast and actually great at doing. However, they weren’t actually loving who they were being, and couldn’t focus on what they needed to do in the business strategically.

Operationally focused yes, however strategically focused no.

And every business needs both.

A good dose of both.

It can be tricky timing though, because we can get caught up with the operations/production and lose sight of what’s needed strategically for the business.

Jane and the team pressed pause recently. Got together, set their plan, reconnected with their why and re-looked at the bigger picture. It’s a great way to regain momentum, to pattern interrupt the thinking that takes over when we get bogged down in operations and the day-to-day running and leadership of a tourism business.

Here are 3 quick ways to regain momentum;

  1. What is your tourism business’s purpose, mission, vision and values? Are they clear, articulated, visual, showcased and lived/breathed in the business? How do you measure and track that? Is everyone on board?
  2. Do you have a game plan? Some might call it a business plan, action plan, blueprint, or any number of names, but ultimately – do you have a plan? The plan needs to break down the big picture, long-term goals into shorter-term goals/projects/actions/tasks and activities. Some businesses like monthly, some 6 weeks, some quarterly. Some have no plan.
  3. What is your decision-making criteria? For the business, in your role, or in your department?

Have you ever thought about how you make decisions? What is important? What might need a change or a different perspective? Are you very black and white? Easily influenced by others? In hyper-achiever mode and nothing anyone does (yourself included) is good enough?

Jane and her team worked on these very 3 activities to kick-start their year. As a result, they’ve already hired two new team members, exited another from the business, implemented a new sales and marketing project and exceeded their monthly budget 2 weeks in.

They’re clear on purpose.

They’re all on the same page with the plan.

They’re clear as a team on how they’re making decisions.

How’s your momentum? Are you and the team already nailing 2023?

Or are you caught up in the day-to-day and groundhog day of sameness?

Lots of questions in this blog.

Please implement one thing from this.



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