A Quick Tip on Prioritising Health

Last week at a Goal-Setting Workshop for clients, I was blown away by the number of people in the session who wanted to work on their personal goals over and above their professional (work or business) goals.

It showcased a real need for people to create and have time to sit down and think about this.

We talked firstly to the topic of purpose. For some it was easy and their purpose statements flowed easily and quick off their tongue. For others it was a much more arduous challenge to put words to it.

Then we moved onto figuring out what’s going on now, how they’d like it to be in the future and then what the obstacles, blocks, gaps, challenges or opportunities might be. That’s always the fun part.

Next came the goal setting. It’s always interesting to see how people are. Some can see 3 and 5 years ahead, others maybe a year, often some only 6 months and for others it’s about this month, maybe 3 months at most.

You have to work with where individuals are at.

So back to prioritising health.

Do you have health goals articulated?

Are you focused on making them happen?

What would successful completion look like a year from now?

What would you be seeing, hearing or experiencing, if you were taking the action, living on purpose and connecting to ensure your goals could happen?

Connection means getting the support, be that a trainer (aka Trish helping me with mat pilates), a therapist if mental health challenges are causing concern, a coach if motivation and tactics for improving self are required, a brand specialist if sprucing brand was necessary.

So where are your goals at?

Are they in your head, on paper, in a drawer, on post-it notes by the bed, on the fridge, in your iphone….?

No perfect place to put them.

Just have them.

Focus on them and make sure you make your goals happen.

If you’ve been a little all over the shop with goals in the past and you want to refocus and reset goals. No need for it to be perfectly timed.

Progress is what counts.

Reach out, message me the word GOALS.





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