Activated or Stressed Out

Leadership is stressful. It’s intense. It’s not for the fainthearted, in more ways than one. In the past months, I’ve seen a very concerning and marked increase in coaching conversations with words like “overwhelmed, manic, flat to the floor, no end in sight, stressed out, can’t concentrate, not sleeping, petrol tank empty, burnt out, not exercising, not sure I can stick at this”. The list goes on.

These are from amazing incredible leaders heading up businesses around the globe. Now in my mind and with many years of experience and tools to date, I’m always looking holistically – whole person – there is never once specific cause or treatment to solve problems. We have to look at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of training and development to help individuals, teams and businesses.

However what if that isn’t enough…. What if it’s not enough to have the profound and deep shift and transformation that’s required to help a leader with their load?

It wasn’t helping me enough.

I had to go deeper.

Much deeper.

Literally to cellular level.

Because it was impacting mood, sleep, weight, focus, clarity, relationships, productivity… part of me wanted to put it all on peri-menopause, which is influential, however actually not just that. There is way more to it.

Let me explain. It turns out from around 20, our bodies stop making the delicious antioxidants that keep us young, youthful and energetic. We begin to age. One of the key causes of ‘aging’ is oxidative stress.

This process is way more than feeling ‘stressed out’. Oxidative stress actually happens when our bodies breathe, digest, etc. and as we age, there is more oxidative stress occurring. There are also certainly external influences to how much oxidative stress our body is under ie. smoking, eating junk food, toxins, chemical exposure, mental or physical stress or injury etc.

Now, you may vaguely remember learning about the process of oxidisation in high school science. If we were to leave a nail out in the air, it would start to rust. This old car has certainly seen better days. Likewise our bodies are ‘rusting’ too, going through oxidative stress and starting to show the ‘wear and tear’ inside and out.

So back to the brain fog, mood swings, confusion, what happens if it’s not just all the external work stress causing these issues, what if it’s actually a part of the internal stress – the oxidative stress occurring in the body, particularly if we’re into our 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and beyond?

What if it’s time to do some work at cellular level?

What if there was a way to activate our cells to make the juicy antioxidants that are needed to feel physically and mentally fit, to feel healthy, not only to survive with the extreme stress we’re facing as leaders, but to in fact thrive while doing so?

What if it could be possible?

It is.

Ground breaking research made it possible.

Message me if you’re only feeling a 3 – 6 out of 10 and you’d like to get yourself back to or get to a 7-8 again 😉


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