Adjusting Perspective

How well are you able to adjust your perspective? Are you able to put yourself into the other person’s shoes and see things through their eyes? Do you shift your viewpoint depending on what others say or can you flex your perspective on any given day?

Or do you sit firmly entrenched with your own point of view, way of thinking, and being?

Eliza came along to a workshop recently and left feeling genuinely somewhat confused. She’d spend years working on her leadership style and when we got talking about all things leading self, leading others and leading business. She had a lot of light bulb moments. Not all of them are great, however insightful. When I checked in during our 1-1 session a couple of weeks later, there had been a few learnings and she’d acknowledged her growth.

If we’re hard and fast on the way we think, how we act and who we’re being, there is limited room for growth. People will tell me “I’m open-minded” and I say that’s fantastic. However are you growth-minded?”

You see, it’s all good and well saying you’re open-minded, however, growth-minded means you’re actually willing, ready, and do make a change. You do the necessary work.

Another great line I hear frequently is ‘change is hard’. Mmmm, not if you’re growth-minded because someone really focused on growth, is a constant work in progress, they’re always taking on feedback, they flex and adjust their position, and their communication for mostly a general win-win for all, not just a win for self.

Sometimes when we’re intent on looking at situations, conversations, events, or experiences, if we only look at it one way (maybe the right way – or the wrong way according to said individual’s version of the world), what if there is another way?

Another perspective to consider, more gray or colour, than black or white?

Perhaps there are alternative solutions to problems?
Ways to deal with and overcome challenges?
Other viewpoints to consider, discuss, negotiate and/or decide on?

How’s your viewpoint? How well are you flexing and adjusting?



P.S Never let the anxiety or fears overcome your true purpose, intent, or desired outcomes. Stay focused on who it’s for and why it matters.

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