Aligning the Individual & Business Growth Journey

We are humans, not robots. Effective thinking is critical for business leadership. For leading self, others and the business. Our businesses have evolved and adapted over the last 3 years, in many different ways, shapes and forms. Especially in tourism, and depending on location, size and so many variables.

What we may find ourselves needing now when it comes to ideal team members, and even ideal clients for the current business journey, could be the same, yet it could also be different.

Across the globe, businesses are in different places, in different business growth phases.

What the business needs right now is unique, yet did you know there will be similarities, patterns that we can map to help you identify exactly where to focus energy and attention?

What’s critical for right now?
What’s critical for the next 3 months?
What’s vital for the next 12 months?

Is the business all about action, attraction and selling as the focus?
Is the business focused on relationships, service and retention of customers and staff?
Is it about differentiation, finding or rediscovering the point of difference in the marketplace?
Are systems and processes critical for establishing, re-establishing or maintaining stability?
Are you investigating growth opportunities, looking for ways to leverage and innovate?
Is the business focused on values and mission, aligning or refining the new ‘now’ culture?
Or perhaps it’s about legacy and evolution, revolution of the business and the mark it’s leaving?

For our tourism businesses to grow, we need individual capability of leaders, teams and departments to be ideal for where the business is now, and where it is going to. If there are gaps in the individual capability, there will be significant blockages that inhibit the business or organisation doing any, some or all of following;

  • Achieving cashflow requirements
  • Keeping staff, existing customers and finding new talent or clients
  • Being competitive and standing out amongst the crowd
  • Implementing or integrating systems and structures, having order and organisation
  • Problem-solving and growth
  • Aligning and matching culture fit and actually fulfilling the mission and purpose
  • Adapting, being reflective and continuing to adjust to the ongoing and swiftly changing market, industry and global requirements.

Where does your business sit? What are its priorities? How’s the individual capability at the helm and in significant leadership roles?

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