“Aloha” … You had me at hello

Made famous by Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Macguire in ‘96, the expression “you had me at hello” has never been more important for tourism businesses.

The initial connection and rapport – a truly genuine and heart-felt hello and welcome is fundamental to the customer’s experience.

Whether it’s via telephone, in person, or the written word, do your staff makes the effort?

Is it heartfelt and genuine?

Is this hello and welcome setting the tone for the next stages of communication?

Or is there a flatness, lack of energy, and care factor that reflects where they’re at, and what’s going on for them “behind the scenes”?

Customers can feel this lack of care. Some won’t care perhaps in the moment, they’re possibly less fussed by it. Others will care immensely. Rest assured when it comes to being recommended, 100% it then matters, because people always remember and recall how they felt, and how they were treated and will say ‘Oh the staff were amazing’ or perhaps not.

How do you do welcome to make your guests feel special, valued, and appreciated? Do all staff do it too?

I’m currently in Hawaii and the copious “Alohas” as soon as you walk into a shop, walk up to the desk, talk to a concierge, or pass a cleaner in the hallway, are amazing; so friendly and welcoming.

The “Aloha” is a great first impression and a really important part of any and every tourism experience.

Regardless of the role, position, or responsibility, each and every staff member needs to prioritise and understand the importance of this initial “Aloha”

It’s key for building customer relationships and retention, not only for this specific experience, but it’s essential for when they come again or when they tell their friends to come.

Right now here in Hawaii I’d 100% tell everyone to come here, to this resort because of the great reception, welcome, and friendly experience; not only being in the house, the restaurants, neighbourhood vendors, dining out, and in shops.

Whether your customer is arriving at a resort, on your tour bus or boat, at the front desk, at your visitor centre, or into the attraction, how do you meet and greet customers?

How does your team offer a big ALOHA in any or every language, to ensure that your guests feel welcome and wanted?





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