Avoidance is doing Immense Damage

So the irony of this blog, is it sat in my DRAFT box for over a week. I started writing it several times over, the page has been sitting blank with thoughts swirling around, then I parked it and left it because… well I didn’t really know what to say exactly, precisely… wasn’t sure it would hit the mark, the words wouldn’t flow. I could use a covid excuse, lockdown, lack of creativity etc.

However honestly it was none of that.

Avoidance, we all do it, in some way shape or form.

Avoidance is one of our biggest issues in business.

Not having the conversations that need to be had.

Not speaking up and asking for help.

Not fighting for what really matters.

Not identifying what really needs to be worked on and improved.

Settling with the Status Quo

Putting up with mediocrity

Playing the waiting game until this Covid nightmare is all over

Playing a small game

Not taking action, when it’s needed.

Using excuse after excuse

Being OK with OK

And probably so much more.

Ok in business isn’t OK. Because business is about growing, learning, adapting, stretching oneself and being stretched to improve to do more of what the business does, be better at it and /or for many of us right now, doing it differently. Very differently.

So what’s going to keep you front of mind for customers and clients?
What helps you lead the way?
What helps your business stand out?

It isn’t avoidance!

How clear are you on where the business is headed? Even with a major roadblock and hurdle like Covid causing chaos around the globe?

Avoiding the realities of overcoming challenges, communicating with customer, having those development conversations with staff – whatever it is for you and the team.

There will never be a perfect time. There is no perfect only progress.

So if avoidance is an issue for you and the business, what is one small, tiny, minute, bite sized action step you could take?

So many clients I work with – it’s actually the basics. The ordinary everyday things that get avoided. If you’re doing any of that – stop. Go back to basics. And remember it’s extra of the ordinary that creates the extraordinary.

Avoidance is 1 of 10 key issues that are hindering individuals, teams and businesses.

If you’d to find out more about the others, let me know.



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