Beating the Back to Work Blues

Back to Work

Coming back to work after any holiday is always tough. I love my work, my clients and team yet honestly, I still get those holiday blues. So thought these tips might be helpful to get you back in the zone, focused and ready for work.

First things first am a big fan of the brain dump.

Particularly now at the start of a new year. Make sure you’re armed with pen, paper or ipad, whatever is your thing for keeping track of your ideas, notes, to-do, goals, inspiration etc.

Step 1. Brain dump

Get everything out of your head. Personal and professional. If you’re heading back to work and there is still a lot of personal ‘stuff’ on your mind, it feels frustrating perhaps if it’s not done, achieved, still lingering. Remember it’s ‘taking up space’ in your brain…. So get it out and onto paper.

Step 2. Prioritise

First hour back at work, first morning, day 1, day 2 and so on. Use the 4D’s technique if you’re a bit stuck. What needs delegating, deleting/dumping, delaying (put in your calendar for later) or is it time to just do it?

Step 3. Goal Set

Have you and the team actually got a clear road map for 2022? Many businesses finished the year scrambling, limping in and just getting done what had to be done. Get the team engaged, reconnected with activities like brainstorming, braindumping, goal setting etc. If you’re missing some, that’s ok, you could use this as a January version for those that are in and then you have another one in February. This month can be weird in some businesses with people taking holidays, looking after kids, in and out. However never underestimate the value of reconnecting, using a blank canvas, whiteboard or butchers paper to nut out the weeks, month and year ahead.

Step 4. Breathe

This is my fave technique for staying focused and when the negative feelings start to circle whether in my head or my physiology, I catch it straight away with some good breathing, the slower the better, slow breath in and an even longer breath out. There is lots more to breathing and the benefits to our mind, productivity and performance. More on that another day.

Time to get back onto zoom for my first client of 2022!

Once again, Happy New Year. Enjoy getting back to work and let me know which of these tips help you the most!



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