Breaking Down the Silos

Breaking Down the Silos

Breaking Down the Silos

Anyone finding the silo bridges seem a little non-existent? Either they’re not in use or perhaps broken?

The silo effect is one of the most damaging issues in business. Where department teams don’t talk, don’t work well together, have a ‘them and us mentality’ or it’s all about us (only) thinking. There is absolutely no understanding of the vital part each department plays in the customer journey (whether internal or external customer!)

Great businesses need all departments/divisions to work together.

It’s simply not possible to have an effective and productive business without this team work.

Too often people blame people, however generally for departments/divisions to work well together, even if only 1-2 people per department, there must be some essentials:

The processes and systems must support the people.

It might be the process of communication and the systems (whether habits, tools, steps, meetings etc) have to ensure the process works, likewise those processes have to be clear and specific so the systems can work and be embraced.

If there are glaring gaps / cracks? Then of course the system or process doesn’t work.

The people get the blame and yes, ultimately people are responsible and accountable, however rather than pick on the person/people, choose to improve the process or system.

A great questions when it comes to silo issues = how are we not choosing to drive accountability?

Is there a process that ensures and demands great communication?

What system is not supporting our people and processes so that they can and are accountable?

Or has operating as a Silo become easier,

  • because people avoid conflict and having the difficult conversations?
  • because people can’t be bothered trying to change, fix or repair, cause that’s hard work?
  • or because people are all out of mojo, because they’re tried and tried again and just not making any headway?

As leaders we have a responsibility to our teams, to our departments to really understand –

  1. Why the silo effect has happened?
  2. What specifically is going on and the impact to business?
  3. How it is the ‘Silo Effect’ being allowed or enabled?
  4. And what if things were done better or differently, what could actually be possible?

Are you experiencing any Silo problems?


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