Building out your Tourism Team Training Plan

Worked through Lisa’s big concerns about getting staff off phones for training this morning.
Every minute counts. She’s short-staffed, everyone is under the pump, she’s doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to building out an effective short or long term training schedule for her business.

Is the tourism business you’re in not investing in training because of any of the following;

– Worried about lost revenue when staff are off phones, counters, taken away from ‘doing’ their job?

– Struggling with lack of man-power because the staff shortages mean you simply don’t have enough staff to do the work or staff are very under-trained?

– Lacking HR (Human Resources) and specifically L&D (Learning & Development) knowledge to best design, plan and measure effectiveness of training to make it really worthwhile?

These 3 issues mean tourism business operators are very reluctant to take and make the time and invest the $ into training staff.

Here at The Art of Extraordinary, we’d dedicated to helping tourism business leaders build exceptional tourism teams, both in the here and now to overcome the current challenges facing the tourism industry and also for the long term sustainability of businesses and industry

We want to ensure Tourism Business Leaders can fast-track their knowledge, invest cost-effectively in staff training and create doable training schedules to ensure they’re training and retaining quality staff in the business.

Do you have your Tourism Team Training Plan in place?

Are the issues more about one or a couple of individuals? Is it needed for a specific department or is training required across the whole business?

What’s needed most right now?









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